October 23, 2015

The Last Time: On Losing a Daughter.

the last time, do not reuse

My daughter just died.

The night after she died I wrote this poem.

The first few lines are about the things we did together before she was sick—as father and daughter. This is a reminder that we should be present in every moment.

When you are with someone, really be there.

Put your phone away, put aside the distractions. Every time you leave someone, remember that there is a chance that it may be the last time.

The rest of the poem is about those things that happened for the last time while she was in the hospital and I knew she was never getting out—they are the moments that will stand out in my mind forever. The last times. So, when you are with someone, be there, not only for them, but for yourself.

This is dedicated to my beautiful baby girl that left this earth too soon.  Goodbye April!


The last time.

The last time—we took a trip together,

We shared a meal

Talked on the phone.

The last time—I heard you laugh,

I gave you a hug,

Saw you smile.

The last time—I heard “I love you,”

I heard your voice,

You heard mine.

The last time—I looked into your eyes,

I felt you take a breath,

Your heart beat.

The last time—I said “I love you.”

The last time,

The last time,

The last time—

I saw your face.


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Author: Eugene Rand

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: courtesy of the author


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