November 19, 2015

If you eat Salmon, you may not want to eat Salmon after today’s announcement.


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After millions of years of evolution, we just approved a fish created by a technology company. It will escape, breed, and mix with existing salmon—just in the way other Genetically-Engineered crops have.

Excerpts via the NY Times [click to read entire thing]:

Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Consumption

Wild salmon populations will be affected if the genetically engineered fish were to escape into the oceans and rivers. AquAdvantage salmon, as it is known, is an Atlantic salmon that has been genetically modified so that it grows to market size faster than a conventional farmed salmon. It was developed by AquaBounty Technologies, which is now majority-owned by the Intrexon Corporation. Consumer opposition could be strong. A number of supermarkets have already said, in response to environmentalists, that they have no plans to sell the salmon. It was also not immediately clear whether the salmon would be labeled so that consumers would know its origins. The agency indicated that labeling would not be mandatory…Environmentalists in Canada have sued the government to halt production of the eggs. A hearing in that case was held this week.


More: Canada sued over approval of genetically modified salmon scheme: US firm’s plan to produce GM salmon eggs in Canada and ship them to Panama threatens contamination of wild fish in a ‘huge live experiment.


A moderate comment: 

“This is my issue with GM that is rarely acknowledged by the shrill supporters of it. The precautionary principle is a perfectly valid and widely accepted framework for public policy which implies that when a new technology is introduced with insufficient evidence about the risks to the public good, the burden of proof is on the supporters of the new technology to demonstrate that it is safe. I would say that the environment is clearly a part of the public good. While I’d say it’s clear there is no serious human health risk of the use of GMs, the ecological risks are so far poorly understood. There’s no reason to be conducting huge uncontained live experiments on the natural world at large unless we absolutely have to.”


Safe at Whole Foods?

From a few years back:

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