November 28, 2015

Three Pointing Back.


I’m angry.

Really, really angry.

I’m angry about war and about terrorism, because I have a tendency to lash out verbally and am fully cognisant of the fact that psychological and emotional violence can be just as damaging as anything physical.

I’m angry about the poison I didn’t ask for in my food, my water and my air, because I still eat junky garbage, drink excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol and smoke every day.

I’m angry about the prejudice and hate I see globally, because I’m regularly met with circumstances and people to which and to whom I struggle to give love, acceptance and unconditional positive regard.

I’m angry about the arrogance of people not respecting my perspective or abilities, because I too get caught up in Ego, devaluing the benefit of what others bring to the table.

I’m angry about the pressures of society to always strive for perfection, because I have my own impossible standards for the people I love and am frequently critical of them.

I’m angry about the control structure our planet is under, because I want to try to control everything and everyone in my reality, yet the only thing I have any real amount of authority over is myself—and after all this time, with all my good intention, I still haven’t even figured that out.

I cannot blame the world for the pace of our collective journey toward enlightenment, and I cannot blame the world for holding up a mirror of our internal spiritual dilemmas.

I can’t keep pointing a finger when there are three more pointing back at me.


Author: Matthew Begin

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Author’s Own


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