December 16, 2015

5 Reasons to Support Sustainable Swimwear & Lingerie Companies.

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It is no secret that women love to shop. We are constantly looking for different clothing and accessories that will make us feel beautiful and sexy.

Swimsuits and lingerie are two very important parts of a lady’s wardrobe. However, in a world where clothing and products are mass-produced, often at the expense of other people, animals and the environment, it is not always easy to find options that make us feel sexy and responsible.

I personally think it is important to support companies that truly care, not only about making money, but also about using eco-friendly and fair-trade materials, and leaving a minimal impact on the environment. Here are five reasons to support sustainable swimwear and lingerie companies.

1. Sustainable companies have less of an environmental impact.

Free from synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers, organic cotton is better for the environment.

The earth is much better off when we purchase clothing made from organic cotton, biodegradable material and material that comes from sustainably managed plantations. The toxic dyes, the energy required to make the clothing and the worn clothing rotting in landfills all negatively affect this earth we live on.

Most sustainable clothing is manufactured in a closed-loop system. Water and chemicals are reused which reduces their environmental impact. Many sustainable companies also reuse scrap material, never throwing away anything. This is particularly true for swimwear and lingerie companies which use scraps as liners.

As people become aware of the effects of the textile industry on our planet, more and more people are supporting sustainable fashion companies.

2. People are better off.

In a world where mass consumption has become the norm, many people do not think about where their clothing comes from and who makes it.

Supporting companies that pay their employees a fair wage is extremely important. A fair trade product ensures it is sweatshop free, produced under safe working conditions and the people making the product earned fair wages. While many people have started to support various fair trade ventures such as coffee and tea companies, it is important to realize that supporting fair trade swimwear and lingerie companies is equally important!

3. Sustainable clothing is better for you.

Organic cotton is easier on the skin as are textiles that are free of harsh chemicals and dyes. Especially when purchasing swimwear and lingerie, it is important to find materials that will not irritate or dry skin. Not only is sustainable material good for our bodies but it also lasts longer. Rather than routinely purchasing new bikinis and lingerie, it is more affordable to buy something that will outlast the conventional textiles.

In addition, sustainable clothing is unique! Anyone can purchase a ton of identical swimwear or underwear at a chain store, however purchasing intimates and bikinis from a sustainable company ensures the buyer of something original and personal.

4. Animals do not suffer.

Caring about where clothing comes from means caring about animals as well. Having a cruelty-free closet is the best way to feel good. While most swimsuit and lingerie do not include fur or leather material, many undergarments are made from silk or wool, materials that many vegans refuse to purchase. It is important to think about how not only the people and the environment are affected by our clothing but how animals are affected as well.

5. People are less apt to buy used swimwear and lingerie.

The most sustainable way to shop is to purchase used clothing. However, most people are not willing to buy a used pair of underwear or even a used bra or bikini. This makes supporting sustainable swimwear and lingerie companies even more important.

There are some great companies that truly care about having a positive impact on this planet. Those are the companies worth supporting. Some of my favorite sustainable swimwear and lingerie companies include Eden Eco Swimwear, Luva Huva and Clare Bare.

Eden Eco Swimwear, launched in 2012 at surf expo, uses only organic or recycled fabrics and materials. Eden Eco’s newest swim collection is a recycled nylon that is both sexy and extremely soft and comfy. Emily has her cutters return all scraps to be used for linings for the next collection. I personally think Eden Eco carries some of the cutest swimsuits I’ve seen. You can purchase an Eden Eco suit in specialty boutique stores and surf shops as well as on their Instagram page. Visit www.Edeneco.co for more information.

All Luva Huva products are handmade in the United Kingdom using ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics. The lovely, handmade clothing celebrates “elegant, feminine style while also providing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the often wasteful fashion industry.” The fabrics used include bamboo, 100% organic cotton and soy fabrics. They also use vintage lace and end-of-line remnants. Read more about the beautiful lingerie collections here: www.luvahuva.co.uk.

Based in downtown Los Angeles, Clare Bare is a sustainable lingerie brand that uses eco-friendly, vintage and salvaged fabrics and trim. Using original silkscreened artwork and organic dyes, Clare Bare transforms raw materials into unique textiles. Clare Bare’s mission is, “to offer unique designs that are eco-friendly, but still fashion forward.”

Their pieces include everything from bodysuits, garter belts, vintage inspired high-waisted pieces, soft-cup bras, rompers and boy shorts. Take a look at their sexy collection at www.clarebare.myshopify.com. Emily, the founder of Eden Eco Swimwear had the perfect response when asked why being eco-friendly is important. She replied, “I strive to be eco-conscious both in my personal life and with my company. It is my responsibility as a human.”

I agree—as the earth becomes increasingly overpopulated and polluted, it is extremely important to change our ways. The first step in changing the world is by making personal choices. By supporting companies that are actively working to create a sustainable future, we are in turn helping to make the world a better place.


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Author: Alanna Murphy

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