December 22, 2015

A New Way to Countdown the New Year: 8 Closing Acts for the End of Every Year.

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Here’s an idea, and an invitation.

Why not wrap-up, wind-down and whistle-in the new year with eight (a lucky number in Hong Kong—where I am writing this from) closing acts before midnight on 31st December?

Counting down to the new year might just take on new significance.

Act Eight: Donate.

Donate eight things to someone in need. There must be eight things in your house that you don’t need or haven’t used or never knew were there. You can advertise for free on any number of websites and  on social media or you can drop it into a donation box. It’s the time of the year to give, but it’s also a good way to declutter. So, spend a weekend morning to go through your stuff and pull out at least eight things to give away.

Act Seven: Celebrate.

2015 may have been the best year of your life or the worst. Either way, you are bound to find seven things to look back upon and celebrate—big or small. Maybe it’s the number of retweets your Twitter post got (no judgement!), or maybe a memorable meal you had, an old friend you bumped into or a new job you landed. It might have been a crisis you came out stronger from—anything. Just look back and celebrate. Write them down and stick it somewhere you can see. Keep it there till you bring down the Xmas decorations and tree.

Act Six: Drink. Water.

At least six glasses a day. The number of alcohol-laced parties and holiday-do’s that this month entails will be easier on your system, if you hydrate before you inebriate.

Act Five: Call.

You know those people (family, friends, ex-colleagues, recruiters) whom you have been meaning to call, but never got around to? Call at least five of them. You must know five people who you don’t talk to on a regular basis, but who would like to hear from you. It’s weird to pick up the phone and call, I know. When I get a call out-of-the-blue, I always wonder what’s up or what they need. Sad, isn’t it? But then it’s such a delight to discover that they were just calling to say hello. So delight five people by calling them for no reason at all. Except maybe to wish them happy holidays.

Act Four: Write.

Ah, the lost art of handwritten cards and letters. This time of the year is when you have the most probability of receiving a handwritten note, but it’s mostly constrained to (if you are lucky) a short line or in most cases signatures, xxx’s or doodles. Now you can write four thought-through personalised notes—formal or informal. Write a note that shows you spent some time thinking of the person you were sending the note to.

Act Three: Commit.

Resolutions never really work out, do they? Maybe because they are the same-old, same-old. Or because they are what you think you ought to do, rather what you want to do. So, figure out the stuff you really want to happen in the new year and commit to doing three things to make them happen. Three things that are meaningful, scary, exciting and personal to you.

Act Two: Connect.

You have a strong network. Connect two people with each other—be it for a job, project, relationship, similar interests. Bring two people together with nothing in it for you but goodwill.

Act One: Buy Red.

It’s a beautiful, powerful, bold, energising colour. So buy it and wear it proudly. Be it a tie, lipstick, dress or manbag; get one smouldering red item and wear it with shoulders back and chin high. Wear it when you are down, wear it when you want to own the room, wear it just because you can.
Happy New Year!


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Author: Pallavi Rensema

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: hebedesign/ Flickr



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