December 8, 2015

Dancing the Spectrum. {Poem}

Flickr/Helga Weber

You are not allowed to belittle me for my beliefs
Because they do not fit with yours,
And you don’t hear the same tune

It’s different music that I dance to—
But I let you dance
In your own way,
I let you swing and sway and say
Whatever the hell you want

Making me feel foolish
Because I hypothesize about a universe
Laws of attraction
And energy
And am fascinated by mediums
Yeah—the kind that talks to spirits

But I also believe in science,
Scream for social justice
And monotonous stuff like math
I also seek the facts
Double-check my sources
And question everything

I’m a devoted skeptic
But a recovering cynic

I am a dreamer
A realist
A thought provoker
A shameless idealist

And I love individual expression
And the vast amount of colours
That makes our complex world art

And you can’t turn your nose up at me
Because you prefer to live in black and white

No you cannot scoff at me
When you don’t understand,
Because you don’t want to appreciate
When you’re swaying in place
And I’m dancing the spectrum



She is a Butterfly.


Author: Kimberly Kostashuk

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Helga Weber

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