December 25, 2015

Energy Fitness: 3 Easy Energy Workouts.

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Clear. Ground. Expand.

We know what we need to do to get in shape. We work out, eat right, sleep well and declutter. But what are we doing to balance our energy?

Our “body” consists of more than just the physical. Yes, we have a physical body, but we also have an energetic body, an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body.

Different traditions talk about different numbers and types of bodies, but the concept is the same.

In a way, everything we do changes our energy. Each “body” affects all the others.

Our physical workouts create endorphins that boost our mood. The physical yoga poses we do create geometric shapes that help shift our energy.

The foods we eat bring us certain energies. You know how you feel after a eating a burger and fries versus how you feel after eating a salad. And this might even be different for different people, or different for the same person depending on the day.

Many of the things we do to help our different “bodies” are conscious choices. Other times, we just seem to get knocked off kilter.

Think of a recent time you were having a bad day and someone complimented you out of the blue. Bam! Energy uplifted.

Or a good day when you ran into someone who always seems to drain the life out of you. Bam! Energy drained.

There are plenty of ways to consciously choose to maintain a healthy energy body throughout the day regardless of what else is happening.

Try these three simple energy workouts two or three times a day.

Find a quiet space.

(Or not—once you get used to doing these, you can multi-task. You might even find yourself doing them while you are talking to someone.)

Take a few deep breaths and check in.

See how you are feeling right now so you can see if this energy workout works for you.

1. Clear.

Imagine a ball of white light about six to eight feet above your head. Bring a stream of white light down through the crown of your head into your body. Imagine that it clears out anything that you don’t want in your energy body anymore. You can be specific about that or just imagine that it is brightening up any dark spots. Be sure to take the energy all the way down through your body into the Earth.

2. Ground.

Now imagine a green ball of light in your heart center. Send that green light down to the Earth’s center either through your legs and feet or as a single column down between your legs and feet. You can also simply imagine roots growing out of your feet and down into the Earth’s center.

3. Expand.

Imagine a tiny flicker of white light in your mid-abdomen just below your sternum. With each inhale, make that little flicker a little bigger. Take several rounds of breath to grow that light into a large oval that surrounds your entire body by a couple of feet.

Now just sit and observe how you feel.

Clearing your energy helps you release that baggage you may have just picked up from looking at your newsfeed on Facebook or running into your archenemy at the coffee shop.

Grounding helps bring you back down to Earth in case you are running around in your head thinking about everything all the time.

Expanding helps protect your energy field just in case you run into your archenemy again.

It may seem like we have no control over our energetic body, but a few simple tools can help us feel grounded, protected and powerful.


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Author: Laura Haehl

Editor: Toby Israel

Images: Beth Scupham/Flickr // Issara Willenskomer/Unsplash


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