December 16, 2015

Ethical & Eco-Friendly Gift-Giving Guide for Babies & Children.

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When it comes to buying gifts for babies and children, the options are endless.

Of course we want to get our children toys that they can learn from and also enjoy playing with, and ideally they will be safe, non toxic and even eco-friendly.

It can be hard to find toys that fit this description in most mainstream stores, but luckily places like Target and Toys ‘R’ Us are beginning to carry more sustainable toy brands for our little ones. Even big name clothing stores like Baby Gap and Giggle are starting to carry organic clothing lines.

Finding sustainable, safe and eco-friendly toys is not the daunting task it once was. I have compiled a list of some of the best sustainable, organic, stylish and non-toxic toy and clothing companies for you to find the perfect gifts for the tiny humans in your life this holiday season.

10 Best Ethical & Eco-Friendly Companies for Toys & Gifts:

1. Green Toys Company.

These toys are all made in the U.S. from 100 percent recycled plastic milk jugs. The plastic they use is free of BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings. Even the packaging is is fully recycled.

2. Kahiniwalla Toys.

These cool toys are made in Bangladesh by very talented artisans at Hatha Bunano, a non-profit organization that provides job opportunities for women working from home. These toys are hand-knit using 100 percent cotton yarn.

3. Under The Nile Organics.

This family-owned company makes all of their clothing and toys from 100 percent organic Egyptian cotton. None of their toys or products contain PVC, BPA, lead, Azo colorants, formaldehyde, fragrance or fire retardants. They carry everything from bath products to linens, clothing to toys.

4. Vulli.

The iconic Sophie la Giraffe teething toy comes from Vulli and is made with with 100 percent natural rubber and is phthalate and BPA free. Each one is hand painted using food paint. Vulli pride themselves on being strongly committed to ecological and sustainable development. Sophie and her friends continue to be one of the most popular first toys for babies three months and older.

5. Wishbone Designs Bikes.

These awesome bikes are made from natural wood. The bikes grow with your child, from age 12 months and up. Starting with a three-wheel, pedal-less bike to promote walking and strength, next you can transform it into a two-wheel pedal-less bike which helps promote balance, and finally you can flip over the frame and raise the seat to make it a larger balance bike for older children. The company prides themselves on being “social, ethical and environmentally sustainable in everything they do.”

6. Haba.

This toy company has great toys for all ages, ranging from organic soft toys and rattles to wooden toys made with solvent free, water based, eco-friendly paint stains.

7. Artterro.

This cool company creates eco-friendly arts and crafts kits for kids. They use handmade paper crafted from 100 percent post consumer waste, real copper wire, 100 percent wool felt, natural wood, glass, wood, shell beads and more cool eco-friendly materials to help you create your own masterpieces.

8. Plan Toys.

Made from rubber wood trees, these cool wooden toys are decorated with fun colors that come from eco-friendly, water based paint that is lead and formaldehyde free. Great for ages zero to four. Whats more, this company is completely solar-powered and uses sustainable manufacturing practices.

9. B Toys.

With a wide variety of fun toys that also help your child learn and develop, B Toys are made from recycled materials that are BPA- and phthalate-free. They use soy and water based paints and are completely non-toxic.

10. Sprout San Francisco.

A natural and organic children’s boutique, Sprout SF only carries products made of natural, organic materials free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde or any other toxic substances. All of the toys, clothes and accessories they carry have been tried and loved by the owners. They have a great variety of toys ranging from newborn up through three plus years, clothes, bathing and personal care products, bedding, baby carriers, wraps and more. You can visit their boutique in San Francisco or online.

10 Best Organic Children’s Clothing & Accessories Lines:

1. Kate Quinn Organics.

With a wide variety of super cute patterns and styles for any occasion, this awesome clothing line is made using fair trade practices and certified organic cotton.

2. Soul Flower.

This cute, funky clothing line uses organic cotton, recycled fibers and low-impact dyes, and is made either in the U.S. or via Fair Trade.

3. Hanna Andersson.

This clothing company originated in Sweden and uses pure, organic cotton that comes from non-toxic ecosystems. All of the cotton they use is grown free of GMOs.

4. Finn + Emma.

This stylish and sustainable company makes all of their products from 100 percent organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes, plus they are Fair Trade. Their toys are made from all natural wood.

5. Mini Mioche.

This Canadian company makes super cute and stylish, edgy clothes for babies and kids using 100 percent organic cotton and low-impact, non-toxic, reusable dyes. I’m not going to lie, I am kind of in love with this clothing line.

6. Tane Organics.

Made from certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes, this line carries cute clothes, accessories and toys that are all natural, toxin-free and adorable.

7. From Babies With Love.

This is truly an incredible company. All of the proceeds go around the world to help abandoned children and enable them to live in SOS Communities where they will have an SOS mother and family within the community to care for them. They sell all organic baby and children’s clothes, bibs and blankets.

8. The Spunky Stork.

Created by a husband and wife team, this clothing line is made from 100 percent organic cotton (and it’s super soft!). They do all of their prints on a manual screen-printing press, so each piece is handmade.

9. Baby Legs.

These adorable baby leg warmers are made from organic cotton and come in a variety of sizes from newborn and up. They are designed to keep babies’ legs warm while giving them the freedom to roam around in just a diaper or onesie, making those frequent diaper changes easier! Baby Legs also donates their products to hospitals to be used to keep newborn and preemie babies’ legs warm, and they also help to keep dressings in place after surgeries or procedures.

10. Softbaby.

This line features bright, fun colors and unique patterns made with water-based ink on 100% organic cotton. This line carries clothing, accessories, blankets, and more.


Happy Holidays!


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