December 17, 2015

From the Ashes. {Poem}


You saw my beauty when I was most broken.

Surrounding me with unending love and compassion,
I found my strength again.
Coming out of the fire, so scarred and damaged,
Safely taking in the fresh breath of your love.
Healing and fluid like a stream of hot water,
You eased my fears and embraced my insecurities.
As I rose from the ashes of the past,
I did so in your arms, dancing through the smoky remanence.

Your mouth told stories of our future,
Your eyes sang the promise of forever.
In us I found my life again.
In us I found a peace I thought was unattainable.
My love began to pour out as it never has before,
providing a love deeper than the oceans.
Your soul danced at this reality,
Your heart gushed with an unearthly desire for the bond that was us.
Our bodies in unison, our lives intertwined.

With time and hardship came doubts and fear.
Forevers soon became ifs and buts.
The foundation I found myself in began to crumble,
a wall grows with the rubble of the once solid ground.
Pain befalls both souls,
and tears fall all too frequently.
Desperation comes over me,
pleading for our future life.
Yet eventually a wave falls onto me,
as I begin to accept the fate of strict independence.

My feet plant firmly in the ground,
I prepare to weather the storms ahead.
Knowing what is to come,
I remember my prior defeat,
and use it to bend without breaking.
I will not fall, because I now know…
I am strength,
I am beauty,
I am love.

If I am not accepted as I am,
I am welcomed from within.
If I am not wanted by one as a whole,
I am wholly needed within.
If I am no longer desired,
I am lusted after within.
If I am pushed to the wayside,
I will plant roots firmly
and I will grow stronger without extra roots.

I am resilient,
I am powerful,
I am worthy.
Your lack of sight for me will no longer impact my soul.
I will conquer my life story,
and you are not required.



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Author: Olivia Sumner

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/MOTOKI Plasticboystudios

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