December 29, 2015

Make it a Powerful New Year.


If your greatest dream is still a dream or your heart’s desire still lies in its container, set an intention with the power of the universe for combustion.

You’re not alone if New Year’s resolutions make you cringe with regret. Resolutions are mostly ineffective unless someone’s using them to beat themselves to death with failure. According to statistics, only 8% of our double-down swears on January 1st are achieved.

But a majority of us keep making them in an attempt to resolve what we consider issues in our lives. It’s commendable—heroic even—to face down what is a most probable failure. It is a toss to the gods for a favorable nod. That’s the kind of motivation that got my own sh*t pile to transform.

I hesitate to share this without a motherly warning. Have an awareness of what’s possible with an intention powered by cosmic jet fuel. Everything touched by that intention will change—everything.

I didn’t used to utilize the momentum of a New Year’s resolution since my lack of success was so clearly documented in a journal (yes I can be masochistic). When I first tried this, I had no clue I was setting an intention when something inside me came up with the words, “Bring it on Universe! Break open my heart chakra!” Someone should have told me to duck. What I learned from this is that there is a power which exists outside of what we can see.

Humans have been in existence for about six million years. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time wondering how the h*ll our ancestors made it past the first century without extinguishing themselves, making humans a blip in time. I’ve come to believe they had abilities beyond cave drawings; an awareness of an innate power that may have been overlooked or forgotten in the baton hand-off from them to us.

This planet, the stars and the engine to our caboose is the energy from the Big Bang. It carries the motion of the waves and our hearts from one beat to the next. It takes a thought from bud to flower and the wind from here to there. The Big Bang powers our existence.

We have the combustion from that event to power our intentions.

Here’s how to use that jet fuel to bring your own heart’s desire into reality:

Sit alone somewhere beautiful. Settle into your seat and breathe in all that exists. The earth below the ground on which you sit, the wind in the trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the water that flows through us and on the planet. Feel the power of everything, think of the energy leftover from the Big Bang and focus on a loving intention.

“Bring it on” seems to work well if you’re aim is to blast a giant hole in your old self and torpedo into a new you. If that doesn’t sound appealing, go with a softer version such as these.

I Choose Healing

Intentions work best if they’re a pro, not a con—a yes, instead of a no. Words like “don’t” and “will not” are self-defeating, as are “would,” “could,” “should” and “supposed to” or words that rely on someone else’s participation (if x does y, I’ll do z).

I Choose Thriving

Keep in mind that an intention is not effective if it is set in the future. Using words like “to,” “will,” “hope” or “someday” are not powerful. An effective intention means “make it so” and “ready or not here I come.”

I Choose Awareness

Keep intentions simple, direct and positively minded. “I want to lose weight” isn’t a well-minded purpose. Instead try, “I choose healthy living,” which covers eating and exercise. You’d be surprised at what can change with one short sentence like “bring it on.”

On January 1st get out there and Big Bang yourself the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of—choose your best life right now.




The Day for Firsts: A Poem to the New Year.


Author: Deb Lecos

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: NASA Blueshift/Flickr

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