December 10, 2015

The Brilliant Parody of Adele’s “Hello” for Exhausted & Stressed Out Moms.

Adele’s recent record breaking single, “Hello” taken from her new album 25, has been covered quite a few times already, and there are some brilliant takes on it. Just when we thought we’d seen enough, up pops this one.

“Hello From The MotherSide” by singer/songwriter Emily Mills tackles motherhood through the inspiration of Adele’s “Hello,” and it truly is quite genius. No wonder mothers everywhere are resonating with it.

Emily Mills, put her sepia-tinted spoof version of Adele’s hit onto YouTube, documenting a group of overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out moms.

Mill’s intention was to show the other side to motherhood, the side that not many readily talk about or admit. Unless it is with close friends over a glass of wine (or two) as the women reference in the video. Other common side-effects of motherhood included in the lyrics relate to sleep-deprivation, cravings for junk food, turning down invites and also, loving children, though, making the decision not to have any more.

Not only does the song have hilarious lyrics, but Emily also has an incredible voice and brilliant comedic acting skills.

The words to the song, include, “I must’ve tried a thousand times to tell her this homework is really breaking my heart, ” hits on things that most parents can relate to. Lots of parents are still traumatized from years of having to do their own homework, then to find they are plagued with it once again when their children bring bundles of it home.

Although the lyrics and dramatics are a little over the top, the video has been a huge hit with mothers everywhere, with the video being viewed over 600,000 times in the last few days. Although, being a parent no doubt has its highs many will be truthful and admit there are also a few lows as we struggle to find a balance between motherhood and our individual self. This is why the song has gone viral as women everywhere are relating to the sometimes “crazy” feelings that the “other side” of motherhood unexpectedly delivers.

For anyone who may have been put off of becoming a parent after watching the video, check out this far cuter video of 15-month-old Jalal Hijaz, who is shown sitting next to his father, Wael Hijaz, who was playing songs for his son to sing along to. As Adele sings out, “Hello,” Jalal’s response to her greeting has got to be the most adorable reply she has ever received.

Relephant Favorite:

“Adele goes undercover & enters an Adele impersonator competition. Guess what happens the moment she starts singing.”


Author:  Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

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