December 7, 2015

Wake Up. {Poem}

eye of creator Malinda Rathnayake

Wake up.

What you seek is here,

Right under your nose—

Not off in the distance

Like you imagine,

Or pretend.


It’s right here,

If you would only see it

Instead of looking past it,

Or through it

And just see.


Open your eyes wide,

Let the light in.

See what really is.

Recognize the mirage.

See the truth.

See what matters.

Embrace it.

Live it.


Radiate your loving beauty—

Sprinkle it like glitter

Wherever you go,

So that it catches the light

And catches other folks’ eyes,

Helping them, too, to wake up.



Let the Light in. {Poem}

Author: Hilda Carroll

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo: Malinda Rathnayake/Flickr


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