December 13, 2015

We all Need a Fight Song. {Inspiring Video}

Calysta Bevier Fight Song

Words are powerful.

Words cruelly or thoughtlessly expressed by another can knock the stuffing right out of us.

And careful, thoughtful, mindfully expressed words can help to pull us out of the muck—hence the popularity of “inspiring quotations” that over-running our social media feeds these days.

When I need some uplifting, I always turn to the words of others and they often help.

But reading is a somewhat passive activity. And I believe we benefit more deeply from the words if we can digest them more actively. That’s what a “fight song” can do for us—the deliberate and careful selection of a particular song can help to do more than shift our perspective—it can help us embody a new mindset.

Affirmations are widely recommended to help us shift deeply held (and unhelpful) limiting beliefs. The constant repetition of more helpful words can gradually help oust the grip of the old, sabotaging belief.

Songs offer us a double-whammy on this front, because they combine the power of words with the power of music, which studies now endorse as having amazing effects on all levels.

Music is one of the few activities that light up all areas of the brain and it is proven to help us heal our bodies—it can relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, slow down our breathing and heart rate, speed up post-stroke recovery and boost our immune system.

Music has also been shown to improve our mood, learning, memory and athletic performance as well as being a powerful relaxation and sleep aide.

And not least among these side-effects, is music’s ability to help us raise our vibration and evoke a passionate response.

We all go through periods where we have to fight for our lives, either metaphorically or even physically.

When the time comes to regain our health, rebuild our finances, mend our broken hearts, or start anew in any area, it can be of immense benefit to consciously choose a method to align our desires with our beliefs and behaviors.

In my opinion, the lyrics of an appropriate song, frequently sang aloud, can be a simple, fun but effective method of doing that. The words are strengthened by the vibration of the music and the passionate body-response that singing aloud can evoke.

The video below shows a clip of 16-year-old Calysta Bevier singing “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten before explaining to Ellen de Generes how she came to use that song to aid in her recovery from ovarian cancer. The song could be a useful starting point for anyone going through a major life transition.

However, I think it’s important to select our own “fight song” very carefully.

Our personal interpretation of the lyrics need to reflect where we are and where we want to go. When the lyrics are a match, our body response while singing them will be so much more powerful than if the alignment is more ambiguous.

So, unique situations call for unique fight songs.

If you’re facing into a bit of a life battle right now, then I suggest that, rather than raid your existing music collection, simply keep your ears open for something you come across—maybe a much-loved oldie, but be equally open to something brand new or simply unknown to you until now—that resonates deeply with your situation right now. With the intention to discover your perfect song and an open ear, I believe it will make itself known to you.

Calysta is now in remission and in the video Ellen surprised her with the opportunity to sing her fight song live with Rachel Platten. I hope her story inspires you to find a fight song of your own, to help you through your own personal battle.

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Author: Hilda Carroll
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Photo: Ellentube screenshot

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