January 5, 2016

We Were Born for this Magic. {Poem}

Basti V

We were dancing together that night,

barefooted in a wooden-floored kitchen,

our arms wrapped around each bony elbow of the other,

and music flowing into our awkward ears,

like the love that seeped into our effortlessly singular hearts.


It was that moment,

when there was just an I,

and there was just a you,

and these were just our lips,

and they kissed necks so softly.


All that we felt was tender.


The rest of the universe disappeared,

and we became ageless.

And the stars outside our window surely kissed us,

and the ocean crashing upon the shore in front of us

certainly encouraged us to continue.


And I looked into your eyes and I saw only hope.

and I asked the moon what it was she wanted from us,

and she said,

“from you,

only love.”


And these were the moments I took snapshots of with my heart,

because we were born for this


And we were beginning to see the purpose of our arrival here,

as we started to claim our beautiful souls.


And I asked the crackling fire before us what it is that she wanted,

and she said,

“only joy.”

And she offered us her flames

and we said, “yes!”


So she grew even brighter still.


And I saw one gull passing over the moonlit sky,

and I asked him where it is he was going,

and he said, “heaven.”

And we took a breath in and I think we each may have inhaled a piece of the infinite,

because this was the kind of life we were creating.


And it just might be,

that this night,

we realized we were each becoming an expression of the


For we were understanding then that we were made in the same light.


And so I looked outside to the darkness,

and I asked what it was that she wanted from us.

And she said,

“for you,

only stars.”

And we knew that this was where we were headed.


And we went to bed dreaming of infinite universes and expanded souls.


And we understood that we were each working towards


glittering spheres,

of multi-faceted light,

purposefully formed to illuminate each other’s night sky.


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Author: Sarah Norrad

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Basti V/ Flickr




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