January 26, 2016

Why Having A Baby Won’t Change Your Life.

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“We’re having a baby!”

I was pleasantly surprised when a good friend and colleague spilled this news in our conversation earlier today. He and his partner are going to be having a baby—a real life baby. An actual baby.

While this might not be “big news” for you , it certainly was for me.

I asked him how it felt to know that before the end of the year, he’d be bringing another human into this world. He was filled with excitement and shared how much he has already shifted since finding out two weeks ago.

His response had me realize that maybe having a baby may not be the “life-changing” moment.

Things began to shift for him when his partner missed her period and couple days later discovered through a pregnancy test. The life-changing transformation wasn’t something that would be saved for 36-weeks later—it was happening as we spoke.

This insight brought up moments from my past where my life shifted far before I actually realized—in other words, things changed dramatically prior to some grand result.

I think back to when I received my acceptance letter From The University of Central Florida or when I got my first job at 15, scooping ice-cream (and cleaning toilets).

I think about when I was 18 and courageously decided to open my heart to an intimate and romantic relationship for the first time ever.

I think back to early 2013 when I decided to sell all of my stuff to travel to the other side of the world.

I think about the moment when I broke her heart, and when I had mine broken too.

I think back to the moment I decided to reach out to my eventual mentor and decided to meet this stranger at a park in New York City.

I think back to the moment I traded out living in Florida for Medellin, Colombia and eventually leaving prematurely to follow my dream as Bali was calling.

With many of the people that I’d had the privilege to work with, I see quite a similar pattern.

The moment they commit to changing something in their life, everything begins to change.

Their transformation and change didn’t start once they reached their intended goal (Finding more fulfilling work, developing an amazing romantic relationship, getting a promotion or authentically expressing themselves) — the transformation started when they decided to commit to the process.

Change began when they decided to choose themselves by “picking up the phone” and answering their personal call to adventure.

My life hasn’t changed in the moments of conquering results, the transformation started once I decided to step into the most uncomfortable space of my life (we like to call that the Middle Seat around here). My life began to shift when I chose to live from a place that is most true and in integrity for me.

Changing your life isn’t a nine month journey with an end destination — it’s a moment to moment decision that happens from result of your choices.

And if you choose that which is true for you, it might be happening right now.





Author: Josh Barad

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Derek Swanson at Flickr 

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