January 15, 2016

“You Have One New Message from the Future.”

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As I passed by your window, I couldn’t help but noticing your tears.

I must admit that you chose the perfect time to cry. With the rain heavily falling outside, you’re pretty smart to think that nobody will hear you whining.

I will save you the speculation and guesswork and tell you who I am.

I am the future.

Don’t panic. I know you are afraid of me but my message to you will change your mind.

Seldom do I message people.

It’s not that I’m abrasive, but sadly I’m not on good terms with the past. Since the beginning of human life, the past successfully permeated everyone’s mind, thus leaving me an outsider.

The past also hijacked the present. That poor thing is no longer capable of becoming part of anybody’s life.

I am jeopardizing my career as I’m reaching for you now. But, after long scrutiny, I realized that you need me.

Why are you lamenting? Why are you so afraid of me?

I will never hurt you. Go back in time and recall the past.

How many times have you sat on that exact same chair and cried until your tears dried out?

Do you remember how bewildered and worried you were?

Do you remember the aversion you had toward me?

You kept solemnly saying out loud “what if.” You missed your present. You allowed yourself to be controlled by fears of the past and you flinched when you started imagining me.

But also recall the times when I came through. Have you really flinched? I shall remind yourself of the smiles that were drawn upon your face when you remembered how much you feared me.

I never hurt you. From afar I always look like a wave that’s moving toward you to crush you alive. But once I hit you, you smoothly float with its ripples.

Every day as you wake up I become your past. I become that thing that I am on bad terms with. Every day you loathe me as I dissolve into dire thoughts encapsulated in your mind. You have all the time in the world to hate me.

For now, embrace me because I am not against you. I am with you.

Whatever looks serious now, will become barren tomorrow.

Whatever is making you cry today, it will make you laugh the day after.

Don’t take me too seriously. I am only an illusion. The past and I are an illusion. Although we are enemies, but we are one.

All what you have is the now, the present. When you focus on it, I shall scare you no more.

Put a smile on your face. All was, is, and will be alright.

The future,
With love.



Crossing Paths—We are here to Awaken Each Other.


Author: Elyane Youssef

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Frank Park/Unsplash

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