February 23, 2016

A Poem to End Heartache.

Ana Gabriel/ Unsplash

I could never write a love song, if I never knew a heart ache.

I could never know wrong,

if I never knew right.

And I could never know these parts of me,

if I never knew you.

The world will keep right on spinning,

as I know you will keep right on playing.

And I will, in a shaky moment, open my heart even more,

tilt my face to the sky to be kissed by the sun,

bare my chest to the embrace of the wind,

and in a present quiet comfort,

in peaceful surrender,

in a slow dance with the Universe holding me tightly,

I will hear the sweet whispers of timeless truths.

Accompanying their gentle delivery,

the discovery of joy in my sorrow,

growth in my pain,

a smile amongst my tears.

And most significantly,

eternal love,

in the loss of yours.


Author: Leah Fortner

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Ana Gabriel/Unsplash

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