February 23, 2016

An Ode to my Tribe.


I have always been fascinated by Bedouin nomadic tribes.

The way a person is born into the tribe and like that, you have your people. It’s more than just family. Your tribe has your back, no matter what.

As a child, I always wished to be part of a Bedouin tribe, and I thought that since I wasn’t born into one, maybe I can trick them and get one of the men to marry me.

Little did I know that I did not need to trick anyone (as if I was ever going to able to do that).

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my tribe…

There is a common misconception that females can be too competitive with each other. But my experience proved this wrong. My tribe consists of nine other girls. So a total of ten crazy, brave, bad-a*s girls who, believe it or not, have each others’ backs through thick and thin.

The past four years, we have gone through a total of two parental deaths, four breakups, a lot of studying abroad, two semi-boyfriend interventions and one really sketchy haircut.

I have seen in their eyes and through their actions, a kind of love and genuine care that I have only felt from my parents.

So here is my advise to you: don’t give up on your Bedouin dream. No wait that’s my dream…

What I mean is, your tribe is out there, and I sincerely hope you find them, because when you do, your life will never be the same again.

I hope you find someone who will find it totally normal to pee in front of you because you have something super important to say.

I hope you find someone who will agree to eating super greasy meals at 2:30 a.m. and sit on the kitchen floor singing into the kitchen ladle.

I hope you find someone who will look you into the eyes and tell you these pants are horrible and unflattering.

I hope you find someone who is the first person there at your mother’s funeral—God forbid—who will feed you, buy you clothes, clean the house, sleep over for days, hold you when you are sobbing, say nothing and try to piece you back together.

I hope you find someone who will tell you truthfully if they think your relationship is going too fast and voice their concerns about your partner, only because they really care.

I hope you find your tribe.


Author: Basma El Rashidi

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Photo: Author’s Own

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