February 26, 2016

How much more Heartbreak can you Take?


When you sleep with someone, do you feel anything at all in your heart?

A closer bond, maybe even that creeping emotion of love?

You shared the most intimate parts of your body and those private, vulnerable moments that nobody else can experience. Sweet kisses, those tender and sensual touches. Feeling each other’s warmth, such closeness with each other in the privacy of the room.

Days or weeks later, maybe even on the next day, his sweetness stops.

He starts taking you for granted, and any special treatment will only be a thing of the past. You will not feel like his priority anymore.

Is it such a bad thing to want to be close after sharing the same bed and all those intimate moments? Is it such a huge request to ask for loyalty, after you have given your heart to him and shared your most intimate moments with him? Is it crazy to yearn for those texts or calls that he used to make? Of course he had a great time while making ‘love’. He doesn’t know how special sex is supposed to be—it is not a gift that we give to just about anyone.

It seems that people nowadays can sleep with anyone without an inkling of emotion. Even though it may be lust at first, doesn’t that lead to love or even just the ghost of it? Maybe our hearts have become numbed by today’s society of ‘touch and go’.

If so, we have a problem.

For those of us who still have feelings, this cheap culture that we’re living in is far from suitable for us. We shouldn’t sleep around so much if we don’t want to fall in love so many times. People like us chose to give ourselves to someone because we felt that person is safe to be loved, that we can trust him enough to give our heart to. When we sleep with someone, it is something special.

But this is how we will always be fooled. This is our mistake.

We always fall for the guy’s tricks. His nice treatment never lasts. All of them have been like that, not one of them stayed the same. Their mentality is that all girls can easily give sex out to any guy. Maybe that’s why they take it so lightly—they can easily discard the girl after all that wooing and chasing after her. It’s just like none of it meant anything to them.

Really, save yourself for after marriage if you can’t handle the rejection and his sudden change that is bound to happen. The number of guys with that mentality is too high nowadays. Chances are, they will most likely leave you once they get what they want.

Save yourself the heartbreak and confusion. Save yourself for when he decides to tie the knot with you. Even if he changes during the marriage, you will at least get something from the divorce settlement.

One heartbreak though, rather than many. Which one hurts less?


Author: Iman Natalia

Editor: Erin Lawson

Images: Flickr/Suus Wansink    //     Flickr/bixentro

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