February 19, 2016

Inner Child. {Poem}

Unsplash: Amy Treasure

In the corner of my heart is where I found you hiding, waiting for the coast to clear.

Crumbled up frailly folded, tucked into the quiet place.

I was overwhelmed—but I’m not overwhelmed anymore,
I can take care of you now.

I will remind you when you are less than righteous, and I will gently hold you when you feel far from mighty.
When the thunder comes…and it will
and the spin of the wind bends at your will
I’ll wrap myself into a fort for you to tell ghost stories in.

When we don’t see eye to eye, I’ll close one of my eyes.
When you feel lost, I’ll carry you on my back so you can see where you are.
When you get scared and give up, I’ll applaud your sensibility in seeing through the madness of it all
—but I’m never leaving you again.

My loving love will be enough.
Because you see…I know what you are now.
You are my heartbeat.


Author: Sarah Elkhaldy

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Unsplash/Amy Treasure

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