February 10, 2016

Instruction Manual: Proper Care & Handling of my Heart.

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“A heart given freely is the most vulnerable and selfless thing one can offer another human being. It can be as fragile and needy as a newly born infant, or as solid and self-supporting as a granite pillar, yet it is the hands of the recipient that determines its ultimate fate.” ~ Mark W. Boyer

The stars have conspired to bring us together and their intentions are set to play out as long as paths are entwined.

Since the day you swiped into my life, the days move easy, the nights are less dark and even the coldest winds bring warmth at the thought of a love so pure. You have my heart, and I trust you with it, so I wrote you a brief instruction booklet for its care.

1. Pepper it with kisses and love: Nothing makes the world seem more right than when there’s a steady stream of kisses from your lips while touching your soft, sweet skin. Never stop with the kisses; my heart thrives when they are in abundance.

2. Hold with care: It’s seen its share of shrapnel in this life, so it can be fragile. But it is full of love. Love to give and love to receive. It just needs the right caretaker—you.

3. Be honest with it: Immediate sting is always better than long-term pain. Communicate your tastes (and distastes). Don’t beat around the bush, but operate with blunt confidence. My heart can take it.

4. Never doubt its motives: It is in your hands because it decided it wanted to be shared with you. Things might not always go smoothly, but it is never due to a lack of operating with the right intentions. Its motive is you and co-ownership is yours.

5. It’s rarely been shared: Only a limited few have ever truly been given this heart. I can’t pretend that I wasn’t in love in the past but I can also tell you it knows when true love comes along and when to hang on. It believes your love is true, and giving you the whole of its sum is effortless.

6. It’s bursting at the seams: It extends, unconditionally, to your children, to your family. It has so much love to give. It yearns to love as habit. It desires a totem, lighthouse, beacon, to capture it. You have captured it. Accept its love as unconditional, through thick and thin, for better or worse. Through the gates of Hades and back.

7. The thought means the most: The little things captivate its attention. It likes the occasional big event, but it longs for the snuggly nights, just chatting, existing, sharing. It wants to make grand gestures to declare its love of you, but it also wants quiet moments all our own. Let it thrive in all environments, especially in those small but genuine gestures it so yearns to make toward you.

8. Your beauty hypnotizes it: It, as well as the rest of me, believes you to be absolutely beautiful, inside and out. It has lost count as to how many times you’ve caused it to skip a beat with one passing glance, or smirky smile, one gaze from your beautiful shining eyes. The world could burn; regardless, you can always ease its nerves with one fleeting look. Because of this, understand that it takes very little for you to rebalance it in its darkest hours. You have the power of a hypnotist to talk it down from its most dire of circumstance. It listens for your voice in the darkness of the wilderness. Use this when it needs it most.

9. Take it on adventures: It wants to share the most diverse moments as it can experience so adventures are a must. It thrives on special moments. Show it the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge in an afternoon fog, the echo of jazz in the alleyways of the French Quarter, or a night under the stars inside a tent, truck bed, or tree house. Allow it to experience moments where its pulse elevates out of pure joy alongside yours.

10. Treat it as if it’s yours: It’s in your hands because you are trustworthy, honest, sweet, amazing, captivating, and everything it has ever desired rolled into one. You are the perfect storm, and we are both gladly caught up into your weather system. Work to nurture it as if it is your own. It trusts you wholeheartedly. As do I.

If you follow this instruction manual with the most honest of hearts, the love you receive in return will envelop you in a whirlwind of romance, excitement, and safety. When cared for properly, this heart will be yours as it grows into its full potential, providing you shade in the hottest of sunlight and a beacon of light in even the murkiest of circumstance.

Handle with care. 


Author: Kevin Fiddler

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Nu Scot/Flickr

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