February 9, 2016

Living as a Dreamer in a World that Has Us Chained.

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My whole life I have been a dreamer, a woman who can see the depths of this journey that we see before us.

A dreamer’s heart is the most precious of all because it is committed to a vision of hope for the world around us.

It does not lose hope for what can become—even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

As I sit here cross legged with my laptop and coffee, I feel certain I can make a dreamer’s heart sound beautifully poetic, endlessly whimsical and a true breath of fresh air in a world full of sorrow.

But these words are meant for more than that.

Being blessed with a dreamer’s heart comes with the absolute responsibility of being part of the change that we want to see in a world—one that is desperately waiting for movement.

So, here I sit writing about not only the beauty of having a dreamer’s heart, but also the duty between being a dreamer and being committed to using our voices for change.

In this life, we are encouraged to believe that if we are dreamers of something bigger than the normalcy that surrounds us, there is something wrong with our ability to be content.

I challenge that idea.

If we have a hope and faith in things that are bigger than what we can imagine them to be, then we are more likely to dive into making crazy, life altering, earth shifting changes in a world that is too often suppressed by the ways of old and chains of hate.

A dreamer’s heart is used to feeling confusion regarding the world around us, a certain unspoken acknowledgment that so much of what we see before us makes absolutely no sense.

With this confusion a dreamer’s heart is drawn towards passion, fire and a thirst for truth. An endless belief that kindness can change the world and persistence will always win. A boundless faith in the unseen power of hope.

If we, as dreamers, are more likely than non-dreamers to jump head first into a project that will either fail miserably or succeed to the ends of the earth, then we have a responsibility to jump.

For both succeeding and failing are in actuality equal in measure… for once a dreamer knows these depths of failure, they will use all of their given power to know failures opposite…

And failures opposite has the ability to help change world hunger, help feed and clothe Syrian refugees, help save the lives of those who are being held in sex trafficking all over the world.. and the list goes on and on.

Backed with an inquisitive manner and an intuition towards the importance of justice and equality, a dreamer holds the secrets of this world in their hearts, waiting to uncover them moment by moment.

So, dreamers, we must ask ourselves:

Is it enough to solely allow oneself to be a dreamer of beautiful beliefs without using our voices and engaging our hearts that pulse with desire?

And, are they truly beliefs if we do not act upon them?

Looking around we can clearly see that  not everyone believes in the idea of chasing breathtaking dreams or racing to the highest mountain peak over sitting quietly at the base of logic.

So, while dreamers understand the importance of uniting our differences for the greater good of the story, so comes the inevitably, pivotal, and crucial responsibility of action.

Action is not always easy and often times comes laced with intimidating sacrifices.
Believing, without hesitation, in the possibility of living in a world that is different than what we see around us, is only the first step.

Once we believe in this truth we must jump into actions that have been patiently waiting to be discovered. A process that is both intoxicating and exhausting, the endless cycle of following a passionate heart.

We are here to give, receive, spread and cherish the love that is within us all and to continuously seek truth and knowledge through action.

With hearts wide open, let the dreamers of the world continue to fight for the beauty that is within us all.

It is by the hands of the passionate and restless dreamers of the world that things will be left differently than they were before we arrived—a beautiful necessity in our journey of life and transition.






Author: Melissa Wilder Joyce

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: via the author 

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