February 28, 2016

You Will Never Truly Know Her.

woman back shoulder look away

You might think you know her because you’ve been with her through everything.

You’ve seen her at 7am, before coffee.

You’ve seen her at 3am, with red wine stained lips and adorably slurred speech.

You were with her when she received that difficult phone call. You kissed her tear-streaked cheeks.

You were with her when she was doubting herself, and through all of her “Oh, why am I even trying?” moments.

You’ve seen her at her most deflated and you’ve seen her at her most triumphant.

You saw the courage in her eyes when you were there for her “I can do this” moment.

You’ve seen her stumble, and pick herself back up again.

You’ve seen her be an amazing friend, lover, and human being.

You’ve seen her carry out acts of kindness that she didn’t think you had seen. And, through observing her, you felt yourself tear up with how amazing of a person she is.

You’ve noticed the way that she dances. And the beautiful way she laughs.

And the way that she looks at the full moon as if it were her favorite friend coming through the arrivals gate at the airport.

Despite everything that you have seen, thus far, you will never truly know her.

You will never truly know her, because she is unknowable.

She is anything and everything, in every moment.

She isn’t one way, she is infinite ways.

Just when you think you know exactly who she is, she’ll be there to prove you wrong.

She is the ocean, and the stars, and the moments of life that take your breath away.

She will never be a static concept. She will never be figure-out-able.

The good news?

You don’t need to know her.

Your only job is to love her, exactly as she is—in all of her various ways.




Author: Jordan Gray

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Anna Demianenko at Unsplash 

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