March 16, 2016

An Unheard of Way to Spring Clean our Body: Green Water.

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*Editor’s Note: No website is designed to, and can not be construed to, provide actual medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment to you or anyone. Elephant is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional advice, care and treatment.

Some research shows that chlorophyll could cause a higher sensitivity towards the sun. In certain cases it may negatively interact with pharmaceutical drugs or cause a digestive reaction in an individual. Please do research before trying out this or any new supplement, to make sure it is the right fit for your lifestyle and body.



Eating our leafy greens has been promoted as one of the best ways to keep the body healthy and strong.

We can get awesome vitamins and minerals from fresh produce, but what we get when it is green in colour, is something different.

That beautiful, rich green we see in certain vegetables comes from the special pigment called chlorophyll. If we can remember back to our grade nine science class, we will recall that this pigment is what allows the process of photosynthesis to occur: light + chlorophyll = plant food.

Obviously humans do not have the same genetic makeup as plants, but saying that, we still benefit from many similar things. This is where chlorophyll combined with the human body becomes interesting. It can help to alkalize, cleanse and rebuild our system. Just like it does in plants, chlorophyll can assist us in our blossoming this spring.

Many of us have heard that it is important to balance the acidic foods and drinks we eat with alkaline ones. As a culture, we consume large amounts of acidic producing goods such as coffee, dairy, meat, alcohol, processed foods and sugar.

When we eat green vegetables we bring the body back to a more alkaline state and help it release the toxins it doesn’t need. The hard thing I find, is that the amount of veggies we need to consume to keep our ph balanced (even after only a few coffees) is more than many of us have the time or energy to swallow.

Personally, over the years I have spent thousands on powdered greens and other healthful supplements. But, I am always trying to find a way to achieve more energy and vitality with less work. About six months ago I stumbled upon a new addition to my life. I found liquid chlorophyll… and, it was cheap!

I started adding a teaspoon to my morning and afternoon water bottle and what I discovered was that this green water made my body happy: the first thing was that I felt a lift in my energy. Then, after a few days, a strange occurrence—my boyfriend commented that he hadn’t smelt my pits all week. (I am not one for using antiperspirant or deodorant very often.) My B.O. had decreased. And, a month later, I had dropped five pounds without changing my eating habits at all.

I did a little research about chlorophyll to make sure this was all not just in my head, and this is what I found out:

1) Weight loss and energy

When our system is acidic, we have a harder time functioning to our best capacity. Chlorophyll has a high level of PH, which means it has a natural alkalizing affect. When we are more alkaline, weight loss and proper cell metabolism occur.

Some studies claim that chlorophyll reduces sugar cravings. Because I don’t usually eat sugar, I can’t attest to this, but I can say it did help level out my energy swings. When I drink my afternoon green water, I get a noticeable boost when normally I would feel that 3:00 p.m. slump.

2) Body odour

Apparently my boyfriend was the one to notice this first, but when I looked it up, I found evidence to match. Conclusively, chlorophyll has been used for years as an internal deodorizer. It is claimed to cure bad breath too, as I read from Jessica Jacobs at live strong.

3) Promotes healthy levels of Iron

I have struggled with anemia all my life and although I haven’t had my blood tested since taking chlorophyll, I have felt more alert, which could be an indicative sign.

Reading a report by Dr. Edwards, at the global healing centre, I was encouraged to find out that chlorophyll does increase iron levels in the body.

Both human blood and chlorophyll are similar in their structure. The difference is that red blood cells have iron at their centre, while chlorophyll has magnesium. Because of this, chlorophyll helps stimulate the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells contain the protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen. Thus chlorophyll increases oxygen in the body, a reason for my energy boosts. Phew!

4) A Natural Detoxifier

Initially I decided to try liquid chlorophyll for its promoted ability to bind to heavy metals and free-radicals and eliminate them on its leaving.

I was one of those people who used to eat tuna almost every day and upon learning recently about high mercury levels in these beautiful fish, I thought I could use a heavy metal (and while I was at it, free radical) detox. I had no idea the other benefits chlorophyll would include!

While I don’t believe one thing is a cure all, and moderation is certainly key, chlorophyll might be an easy way to support us in a spring-cleaning of what we don’t need in our body to welcome in what we do.

Like everything, we must listen to how our unique system reacts and take it slow. For me, green water is a simple and cost effective way to give myself a boost, ‘cause blooming, especially this time of year, is fun!


Author: Sarah Norrad

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Ben and Kaz Askins/Flickr



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