March 29, 2016

Branding Transparency. {Poem}

girl, sitting, scarf, woman, arms crossed

Life’s short. Same old broken record

Carpe Diem!
Every want-to-be philosopher
The gurus and the masters
The go-getting idealists
Exclaiming they’ve found real meaning
from their side of the screen
The secret to success
Its the next big fad

Their brand is empowering you
to empower yourself to live a powerful authentic, transparent life
It keeps the money rolling in
With staged photos
Captioned, “So Full of Heart!”

Living enlightened means
you must mimic them
but still be you

Start Today!
Believe in yourself!
Your thoughts become things!
Reach Enlightenment!

Buzzwords du jour

Our inspiration is tenfold
everyone’s enlightenment is lagging
Because there is a disconnection between this branding of “transparency”
And everyone’s reality
Because we’re all trying to be authentic in our perfection
So we keep our imperfection in the closet
And claim we’re living transparently

So we devour
All the things
The gurus and the masters
The promoters of a perfected life of authenticity
Those vexatious go-getting idealists
are putting out
Wondering why we can never seem to achieve it
Not realizing
They’ve only mastered
The art of promotion
And perfectly staged transparency


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Author: Kimberly Kostashuk

Editor: Emily Bartran

Image: Pixabay

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