March 17, 2016

Embracing the Vernal Equinox: Set Fire to What is No longer Serving You.

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“I can tell you some things about spring. That it’s about bursting. It’s about renewal. It’s about relearning. And it’s about becoming. And you know what? It’s also about discomfort. It burns to become. But you can’t avoid it. Step into it. Own it. You can’t escape from what your heart continually aches for no matter how hard you might try. The brain hardly ever wins. The core does.” ~ V.Erickson


On Thursday, March 19th, the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate the Vernal Equinox and with it the beginning of Spring.

This is a time for rebirth and renewal—what we thought had died over the long, frigid winter months may suddenly start bursting through our hearts with the blossoming of new promises.

It’s a time when we are aching to leave behind what is no longer serving us and step into the possibility of new beginnings.

Letting go is often one of the hardest parts of life to navigate—especially if we aren’t sure that we should.

We aren’t meant to stand in one place for very long—we are meant to continually travel forward in this life and to change with each new experience that crosses our path.

There truly is a season for everything in our lives.

Right now we are sitting at the brink of the life that we desire—it stretches out before us like a kingdom in a faraway tale.

Yet it can only become as real as we have the power to believe that it is.

Just like a garden bed though, nothing new can flourish if weeds are choking what is trying to grow, so it’s up to us to take inventory and decide what is meant to go so and what should remain.

There isn’t a specific formula for figuring out what we should let go of, but many of us right now are experiencing people and situations that are being forced out with very little decision on our part.

This is the universe forcing our hand.

The more we try to make something work, and the more we attempt to keep someone in a situation that they are desperately trying to leave, then the more we hurt ourselves and our own life development potential.

If we are contemplating letting go of something this Equinox, then the first aspect is to consider what feels like work to us in our current lives.

Is there a relationship or situation that feels exhausting? Are you continually putting out your best, only to be told that it’s not good enough?

Often times, those situations that we feel exhausted by are those very ones that we are holding too tightly to—there is a balance between working for what we want and wearying ourselves trying to make something work that just isn’t meant to.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy each and every day.

There aren’t easy answers, but that’s because sometimes the questions that we ask aren’t easy either.

The beautiful thing is that only once we let go, are we able to begin something anew.

We can’t start a new job while still employed elsewhere, nor can we begin a new relationship before ending a previous one.

In order for something to begin—something else must also end. It isn’t just the way of life—it is the way that this universe works.

If it seems that we are being dragged or anchored down by a choice or person, then we have two choices—continue to stand still or cut our losses so that we can finally begin moving forward.

Springtime is a season for new beginnings—and a time when we are faced with the realizations of our own growth as well.

When everything around us is coming up green with fruitful buds, it becomes a lot easier to see if the same is occurring in our own lives.

In a best case scenario, we will see those projects or relationships started during the winter begin to take seed, bud and blossom.

However, this won’t be true for all of us—and it’s important to not see failure in these ventures, but to see the courage that it takes to admit when something doesn’t work out as we hoped it would.

It isn’t easy to say that we were wrong—but there is integrity in declaring that we tried.

Not every planted seed grows—and not every tree that blossoms actually is able to produce fruit—yet the decision remains ours, in terms of what to do with what we learn.

Each day, we have a choice to put blinders on and to keep doing what we have always done—or to face reality and admit where the pieces just aren’t adding up.

Only once we can admit that a situation or relationship isn’t what we had hoped it would be, can we start implementing the steps necessary to change our lives for the better.

Often times, we learn more from what doesn’t work out, than we do from that which does.

If we become confronted with an aspect of our lives that just isn’t working, then we can take what we have learned and apply it to our own journey, so that those mistakes are never repeated again.

It’s not easy letting go and saying goodbye—and sometimes the only way to move forward is one gentle step at a time.

But if something is holding us back from our potential, happiness or true love—then we have no other choice.

Sometimes the only way to let go is simply to set fire to what was, so that what could be can finally begin to grow.

Within the flames of fire there is rebirth.

It’s never easy to become who we are destined to be—yet it’s even more difficult to keep living a life that is less than the one we desire.

Sometimes the only choice we have is to simply let go and see what happens if we let it.


Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Pixabay

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