March 28, 2016

Energy Report March 28th-April 4th: The Past, Karma & Healing Emotional Wounds.


*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. 

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We head into this week recovering from the highly energized waves that occurred due to the recent Full Moon along with a Lunar Eclipse.

Our emotions may have been shifting gears from extremely high to drastically low in a very short space of time leaving us feeling pushed, pulled, jolted and overall as though we are speeding out of control. We may still be experiencing some of the after effects from this, however, generally those intense, whirlwind-like emotions will be simmering down as the energies of this week ripple into our lives and their influence takes over.

Last week’s energy was rather dark and dense and many of those who are highly sensitive to energy may have internalized much of it and felt as though they were unable to see any light at the end of the tunnel. As the saying goes, when we open our minds we start to see that the hope of there being light at the end is an illusion and so too is the tunnel.

This means that any walls we feel are around us are only in place due to the limitations in our mind and as soon as we change our perception, the walls will instantly come crashing down and light will be glowing all around us. We will then feel safe to explore deeper aspects of our inner selves that up until now have been hiding away in the shade.

In the Northern hemisphere we are now starting to notice an increased amount of daylight and many of us will also be starting to feel this brightness in our personal lives too. The energy is an awakening one. It is calling us to action to sharply rise from the slumber we have been in throughout the winter period so that we pay attention to everything that has been going on in our lives. Instead of existing on autopilot we are being called to consciously be aware of all of our thoughts, interactions and all the decisions we make.

When we merge with this energy we will notice we find it natural to let go of ideals and expectations and our resistance to anything that is no longer serving us becomes weaker. This allows troublesome areas of our life to fall away as an air of effortlessness moves in to make it easy for old habits to dissipate, as well as dysfunctional cycles to cease existing.

Saturn has now turned retrograde and the karmic energy it provides will help us to look at our recent past so that we can change anything that is holding us back or slowing us down. Saturn forcibly orders us to face up to any unauthentic traits, behaviors or areas of our life where we are not acting with integrity by repeatedly trying to show us where we are going wrong through providing us with similar lessons repeatedly. If we do not focus on what we are being shown the reinforcement will be harsher and more painful until we have no option but to make alterations to our lifestyles, involving mostly our careers or relationships.

The strongest sign that we are out of sync with the current energy flow is if we are acting inconsiderately and uncaringly and selfishly towards others purely to get our needs met, whether due to financial, materialistic, domestic or even sexual desires. When we use other people to advance or please ourselves in any way we will find we will regularly receive setbacks. Over this coming week these reminders to change our ways (before we are forced by Saturn to change) will be far more noticeable.

This week it is likely that we will notice more conflicts arising in our personal lives and we will be looking for ways to resolve any turbulence on a permanent basis. However, the belief that we are able to take control of situations so that we can permanently avoid drama and trauma is quite unrealistic, as we never fully know other people’s motives or how they are going to interact with us or behave.

Communication with other people will be far more peaceful and harmonious if we engage with compassion and understanding in our dealings, so rather than going head-to-head, we can tap into why and how they are reacting or responding to us and then aim to neutralize issues and problems without the need for arguments or heated discussion. When we empathize with people we will be far less likely to want to prove we are right and they are wrong, which instantly reduces any frustration or tension.

We each have a choice to take full responsibility for how we act towards others, or we can wait until the superficial walls we have erected dramatically get knocked down. This week there is an increased opportunity to really think about how we treat other people, which ultimately is a reflection of how we have been treating ourselves.

When we mask how we feel about our self we also find it difficult to connect with and relate to others, so we are being given a small window of opportunity to quickly make changes before Saturn’s disciplinary tough, but fair and balanced, energy steps in.

Although retrogrades can feel like shaky and turbulent times they are periods of intense personal growth and despite how difficult any encounters may sometimes appear, they are always beneficial when we view them from the bigger picture.

Venus conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer, on March 30th, so old emotional injuries may be brought to the surface and we may notice we are triggered due to past painful memories. It is possible that someone from our past may get in contact or we may feel compelled to reach out to someone that we have an unclosed chapter with. Ultimately this is so closure can occur and Chiron’s healing energy can work its magic.

On March 30th, Mercury squares Pluto causing us to become aware of over thinking, obsessive or compulsive and extreme behaviors. This falls in line with the emotional wounds that Chiron’s presence reminds us have still not healed, so the clue here is that when we work on easing our obsession with particular past encounters, we will then release some of the pain associated with whatever we are holding on to so that we can heal, achieve peace and a sense of emotional stability.

We are being called to return to feeling and to do this we have to open our heart chakra and let the collective higher frequency, unconditionally loving, universal energy to flood in.

On March 31st Mercury aligns with Uranus, bringing our creative and intuitive sides to the surface. It is the perfect day to make a start on any projects or new ideas we have been pondering or to meditate while using our intuition to direct where we would like our current creations to travel towards. It is also a very powerful time to focus on manifesting so that we give our artistic thoughts and innovations the opportunity to transform into a creative reality. We do this very simply by remaining optimistic, believing in ourselves, our talents and our abilities and then using relentless determination to channel the energy so that momentum is gained and our desires can organically and naturally actualize.

March 31st is also the last quarter of the Moon, in the sign of Capricorn and as Capricorn is opposite Cancer we will be feeling a little more delicate and sensitive than usual. This last Moon phase will be slowing us right down heading into April so that we can gently allow the effects of the last few days of March to sink in and take effect before the fiery New Moon in Aries on April 7th. The energetic sign of Aries is capable of catapulting us towards a transformational period, especially where romance is concerned, so it is vital that we tie up all loose ends in various areas of our lives so we can fully embrace all the radical changes the next New Moon will be offering.


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Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/eddi van w.

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