March 30, 2016

Moneyless Society is not a Myth—it’s Already Happening.

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I recently read that over the next 20 years, 50 percent of our jobs will be replaced by robots.

While this might terrify many, I see it as a giant leap into a new paradigm—a utopian reality in balance with nature.

Not surprisingly, multiple countries are actively participating in pilot projects centered on the idea of a universal, basic income available to every human being.

Of course, some critics might balk at such a grand gesture but from my perspective its time has come. In fact, it’s already happening: Ontario Canada is piloting a concept of universal income.

What this entails is that every human, and child included, would receive a monthly income—regardless of their function in society. This would eliminate the current welfare and unemployment programs that are now so ineffectually in place—restoring people’s dignities. The concept would offer especially creatives and entrepreneurs, the opportunity to work toward their ambitions—without working for their basic needs first.

Imagine: if your basic needs were met, what might you be inspired to create?

So much suffering exists because of class warfare and income inequality. As the tides shift within governments and financial institutions around the world, the insistence that society find commonwealth amongst one another steadily grows.

Civil unrest is a burgeoning issue and the potential for catastrophic consequences looms unless, a new paradigm is introduced. Automation and technology is here to serve us—we no longer need to animate the mechanisms of society like we had to during the industrial revolution.

As we are observing, our environment is hanging precariously on the brink of an untold number of irreversible consequences. I believe that people are waking up to the illusion of mass-manipulative marketing and excessive consumerism.

Soon, civilian space travel will be reminiscent of commuting to work each day. Communities and countries are enforcing food-waste bans and ensuring that all are fed. Humanitarian efforts are on the rise—unlike anything our species has ever witnessed.

Take away the inflation bubble BRICS (five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the need for war as enterprise. Take these, along with the introduction of renewable energies and a spiritual uprising, and we have the recipe for a new way of thinking with all life here on this planet.

Like anything else occupying such a vast scope, a basic income is a double-edge sword. There will be resistance, setbacks and failures while it’s continually refined. Eventually, the potential for a finely crafted system of checks and balances can come to fruition.

It requires the voice, motives and influence of the people to help usher in such an idea.

Over the past few decades, this protocol has been tested and studied extensively. It was found that the majority of people who participated soon became more ambitious, able to focus on their dreams without worrying about having to pay their bills or put food on the table.

For artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, this opens the door to new innovation, broader spiritual enlightenment and the potential for another renaissance period.

Automation is everywhere. Each year, we see new advancements in robotics and A.I. (artificial intelligence). We have entered the light age, where the possibility to create things that not too long ago were thought unimaginable, are now at the forefront of a budding futuristic reality.

As I noted, despite the convenience of technology, we must however never forget to balance life on this planet with spirituality—the all-encompassing phenomenon that still eludes so many yet pervades all of creation. Beliefs change our reality and if we are to imagine this utopian galactic society, we must also brave the powers seeking to destroy our nature for profit.

We are the stewards of this planet and our buying power speaks. I’m sure this is becoming more and more prevalent in the minds of elephant journal readers—as an example. Our voice is our influence and there’s never been a time when a global race has had the opportunity to rise as one.

Philanthropic entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are paving the way beyond this post-industrialized age into the ever-growing civilian space race. This would mean a global satellite network beaming internet to every region around the globe and the introduction of electric vehicle transportation.

These are exciting times.

We have simply grown beyond the need to struggle just to make ends meet—effectively ending an era of fear-based incentives and segregation of the human race. The more that people become aware of the wondrous opportunities that lie at our fingertips, the sooner we can empower ourselves, heal the human predicament and thrive for the first time in recorded human history.

Remember the illusion of scarcity is just that—an illusion. Governments will bend to the will of the people so long as our voices and actions are synchronous. As we mature in this dawning new age and our elders are re-born here on this Earth plane, the time to abandon what no longer serves rests solely in our hands—we are the way-showers.

Someday, we’ll be a moneyless society and unnecessary commerce will be largely obsolete. There will be vastly more to live for than monetary, material or superficial gain. We will indeed be an enlightened global society—led by a hierarchy of influence, not promises or hope.

Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: Pixabay 


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