March 24, 2016

My Purrfect Morning.

Kitty Friends

Regardless of whether I wake up on the first alarm or the fifth alarm I set each day, I always start off my day the same way.

I get up, wash my face and go find my cats. I like to spend at least five minutes with them first thing in the morning. Sending them love, making them feel safe and showing them as much affection as I can in that short time frame.

Eckhart Tolle says that cats are the ultimate Zen masters. I tend to agree with his statement.

I have learned several life lessons from my cats. They make it perfectly clear when they like or don’t like something, and are very vocal about it. When I spend time with them in the morning I am reminded that it’s ok to have my own opinions in life and not be afraid to vocalize them.

Sometimes my cat Merlin makes it a point to wake me up before my alarm, whether it’s to cuddle with him, pay attention to him or give him some food. He annoys me in the moment when that happens, but in the end I always grateful that he started my day just a little bit earlier. When he does this he reminds me to not be scared to seek attention. Being afraid accomplishes nothing in life and more often than not the fear we feel in unfounded.

Spending time with my kittens in the morning allows me to reconnect with the world around me, be grateful for the life I live and see the world through their eyes. They help me ground knowing that they love the affection I give them as much as I enjoy giving it in return.

Most importantly, spending time with my cats allows me to start my days with a lot of love and spread this love to everyone that I see throughout my day.

It’s my own personal meditation and I look forward to it each morning.


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Author: Alex McGinness

Image: Angela Antunes/Flickr

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