March 3, 2016

Pondering Death. {Poem}

Elly Filho/Unsplash

Everything we experience creates a form of identity within us.

All we experience acts as a mirror for understanding who we are and also gives us the opportunity to change and choose who we aspire to be. While we are all capable of kindness and goodness, there are times when our minds are easily infected by societal structures and pressures. Every experience goes beyond the surface of our basic understanding about the world we live in.

If we can change how we perceive things, life can be a little lighter. If we can reflect on our opinions, emotions and thoughts towards ourselves, we will be able to see that the only way to change our lives is by making the decision to do so. Subtly, with enough empowerment, anything is possible.


My Vanity

I am in a constant state of seeing;

mirrors are everywhere and yet no one is looking around.

Walking and talking reflections of my being,

only my noise resonates from every sound.

My skin, a commune of strokes and pushes,

sometimes gentle, but mostly harsh.

These mirrors are not for looks but for bruises,

to learn of gentleness in a world so rough.

I am in a constant state of wonder

for each action and word spoken,

for every thought that runs under,

for every promise that I have broken.

Every disgust and loathing,

every moment of being afraid,

all the differences that are gripping,

of which fear is bait.

These mirrors I see and feel,

are ones that see themselves.

For every thought and intention made real,

is a source from inside the Self.


Author: Mohamad Fariq Bin Yusoff

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Elly Filho/Unsplash


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