March 30, 2016

Responding to Terrorism: Be the Peace.


Dawn brought news of another devastating suicide bombing.

Sometimes I wonder how our world can continue at this massive rate of implosion.

I wonder how we can negotiate the ensuing waves of fear, anxiety and hate these attacks herald while continuing to live a mindful and compassionate life.

We are in a time when it is an act of violence to let our children see the graphic destruction shown on the news, precipitating the onslaught of innocent questions asked in the hope that they can be reassured that this, this carnage, can’t possibly happen to them. Ever.

We are in a time that we cannot tell our children or our neighbors or our friend leaving on their fight that it cannot happen to them—especially on the heels of hearing how one of the Brussels’ victims was also in France and in Boston during those attacks. Odds don’t work in this game of terror.

We are in a time when we, as peace-loving people, need to do everything in our power to not be driven by fear and anxiety, simultaneously attempting to be smart and worldly enough to not put ourselves into dangerous situations, while still embracing the unpredictability of life.

We are in a time of feeling powerless about what we, as passionate, peace-loving people can do to change the direction of the malevolent rollercoaster that leaders and terrorists alike are taking pleasure controlling.

Today, in waking to yet another day of grim news of senseless violent deaths, and searching for the answer of what I can do in this moment, I recalled work that the Global Coherence Initiative, spawned by an organization called HeartMath Institute, has long been doing to help promote a positive global shift, while researching energy shifts throughout the world when concentrated areas of positive intention and compassionate heart energy are being sent out. And yes, science is telling us that we can energetically effect global positive change on this level.

Their words for a suggested practice gave me some comfort and a purpose today. I share them with you now:

Care Focus: What we Can Do to Help

1. Sit for a few minutes and breathe consciously. On the in-breath, imagine breathing in divine love throughout your being. On the out-breath, radiate the feeling of gratitude… (Doing this raises our vibration and helps to bring heart, mind, emotions and body into coherent alignment and stillness. This creates an energetic conduit for love and guidance from the higher aspects of our true self and source.)
2. Now, radiate coherent love to help with the challenging choices that leaders and individuals have to make in these accelerated times.
3. Next, let’s radiate love and compassion to reduce the collective fear regarding current or future global stressors (such as the Zika virus spreading through the Americas, the presidential elections in the USA, threats of terrorism, North Korea saber-rattling, China placing missiles in disputed territory, and other global stressors that unfold).
4. With genuine feeling, let’s envision humanity becoming kinder, more caring, and cooperative with each other (This is a good practice for doing each day whenever convenient.)
5. Let’s close by sending our deepest love and compassion to all who are suffering throughout the planet at this time.

This is a beautiful practice not unlike other meditations on compassion, but specifically being concentrated on by many people from various places around the world right now.

Help shift the pervasive fear and hate enveloping the globe at the moment.

Let us be the peace we want to see in the world.




Author: Becky Aud-Jennison

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/David Shankbone

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