March 3, 2016

The Art of Letting It Be.

Florian Klauer/Unsplash

“There will be an answer, let it be.” ~ The Beatles

Life goes through cycles of stress and joy. When life presents challenges, it is natural to resist, fight and wish to change what is happening. Learning how to be at peace, generous in heart and responsive to life’s tensions are relationship skills requiring cultivation.

It is an art of letting life be what it is. An expansiveness of heart allowing life, other people and circumstances to arrive as they are. A generosity of spirit accepting what is present, while nurturing oneself and remaining strong in heart and spirit.

In this present moment, there is nothing to change. Life changes itself.

People aren’t things; why put any effort into changing them?

Life isn’t a thing. Life changes with or without effort.

Can we imagine how it feels to be present and not have to change anything or anybody, or do anything?

This kind of sensitivity and expansiveness allows a person to transcend emotional reactions and childhood programming. Being able to be present, ascertain what is happening and respond with compassion and love is an ideal to which genuine loving people aspire.

How many times has a person caused more harm by not letting it be and getting involved? By opening their mouth? By being a busybody and getting in the way?

Life demands action. Being at ease with letting it be remains powerful action; it is consciously responsive and liberating.

How long does anyone have to live?

How much time does anyone have to change everything in their life?

Can we ever change enough objects, things, people and circumstances to create feelings of internal contentment, security and peace? How many changes, efforts and successes and failures does it take before a person abides with inner peace and contentment?

There are many paths and techniques for a person to learn how to let it be.

They all lead to one place.



Author: Keith Artisan

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Florian Klauer/Unsplash


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