March 8, 2016

The Moon & Her Little Warrior. {Story}

Amidst the chaos around her, she was running, unable to stop. Under the New Moon, she felt Her call.

She knew what she wanted. It was time.

The Moon holds a great deal of significance to her. She is her protector and her guiding light. When darkness surrounds her with chaotic thoughts, the Moon’s quiet presence never fails to clear her mind and light her path.

She used to fear the dark when she was a child. But now, as an adult, her fear of the Moon has diminished. In fact, she has always expected to see Her every night. She has to see Her first before she meets the sunrise. It has always been her ritual; with her eyes closed she basks underneath her soft light and is cleansed from all the tribulations of the day, then she is ready to start anew.

In the stillness of the night, Her domain has always calmed her thoughts. And Her quiet presence has always given her clarity.

She heard that the Moon bestows what the heart truly desires and on that remarkable night when she felt the strong pull of Her gravity, she sent a fervent prayer at the height of Her full power. The Moon was bright and compellingly beautiful. And he was in her thoughts.

She asked the Moon for him.

Once long ago, she had barriers built around her heart. Then he found her and she tasted bliss in his arms. One by one her walls slowly started crumbling down. She knew her time with him would not last and the odds seemed to be against her. Still she wanted more.

They said to take heed of what is asked of the Moon. She would grant the wish but at a cost.

She fully knew what she was asking for.

She knew, oh how she knew, what it would cost her. But like a child—fearless and headstrong—she wanted only him. She wanted time on her side.

The Moon sighed with understanding. And with such gentleness, the Moon cautioned, “My child, it comes with a cost.”

She knew what it was, but still she had to ask. “At what cost? Tell me…”

“Your heart.”

Fully resolved with what she wanted, her thoughts vibrated loud and clear, “Take it. Do it.”

And so it was granted.

The Moon did not take her heart after all like she thought she would. Instead, the Moon instructed that it had to be given free of any conditions. Her heart must be offered to him.

And so she did.

This time, unlike before, she never held back. Her soul completely opened and without fear, she showed him all that she can give; her love.

When she looked at him—it was the light in her eyes.

When she kissed him—it was the bittersweet taste of red wine on her lips.

When she held him—it was the strong, steady beating heart within her embrace.

Her soul was wide open and true. Her heart on the palm of her hands was her offering. She waited for him to claim it.

But alas, a gift is sometimes forsaken. Because it is not meant to be.

On the cold March dawn under the New Moon, amidst all the chaos around her, the Moon’s calming presence once again beckoned her to stop running and gaze at Her for a moment. She knew Her child’s heart was bleeding.

“It is time, my little warrior,” She said.

Eyes wet and exhausted, she finally stopped. Then she looked up at the night sky where She waited and whispered brokenly, “I know.”

Between the clouds, she saw Her light. A glimpse of Her raw power and beauty. The New Moon is a different side of Her—a promise of healing and new beginnings.

Was this what she truly wanted? She asked herself. She wanted not to forget.

Then again she heard Her say with a voice like sweet melody that held power and promise, “Let it be. The pain will pass in time, I promise you. It will all be but a memory. Come closer, my little warrior. Feel my light and let me heal you. It is time. Let it go. A new day is coming. Meet the sunrise.”

And so I did.

Her light like a soft embrace fell upon me, then ever so gently She let go. My spirit was renewed as I turned east to meet the rays of the sun. Eyes closed, I let the sun’s warm light slip through the hidden cracks of my entire being.

Yes, the storm has passed but I can still feel the aftermath. And just as She has promised, it is slowly fading away, but the memories remain. I let my heart carry these memories for it is the only place where thoughts of him can endure time; where else I can also go back to and fondly remember the moments we shared, however brief they were.

Now with my renewed strength, stronger than ever, I know with absolute certainty, as I move forward, that all will be well.


Author: June Verso

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Stevebidmead/Pixabay

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