March 25, 2016

These Days, I Actually Want to be Grounded.

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Let’s play a game of remember when.

Remember when you were 15 and misbehaving—probably sassing your parents, if you were a “normal” teenager? Remember that parent voice they would use, threatening to ground you if you didn’t straighten up?

“That’s it! You’re grounded!” they might yell when they’d had enough. And the world would come crashing down.

These days, I actually want to be grounded.

I’ve learned better than to sass my mother, and I no longer get punished for bad behavior outside of what real life (and maybe karma) deals me. But what “ruined my life” as a teenager is a life saver as a adult. I actually crave that feeling of being home, alone, and not distracted by anything other than my own thoughts.

Getting there as an adult can be tough. Life is a challenge, every single day. I find that it’s much harder when I’m not tuned into myself. Being grounded now means taking that time to check in with myself and to let my thoughts flow. Feel the feels. Hear the heart.

I’ve found four daily practices that, while simple, help me ground and tune in:

1. Making the bed. Every morning, right when I finally roll out after my torrid love affair with the snooze button, I make my bed. This is a tiny and almost mindless practice, but it makes me feel more adult, more ready to face the day and more put together. Plus, if an unexpected guest pops by, my space is a bit less slobby.

2. Drinking warm lemon water. It’s all the rage, kids, and here’s why. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning before ingesting anything else (I try to wait 20 minutes after drinking) has a warming effect, helps with digestion and wakes me up sans caffeine. I also love to use the smell of the lemon as kind of an energizing aromatherapy, cupping my citrusy hands to my face and inhaling deeply three times before washing.

3. Letting the light in. I am fortunate to work from home, and one of the first things I do is open all the blinds and let the morning light stream into my space. This seems to free up the energy, upping the vibe and helping me to feel more open and positive about the day ahead.

4. Getting bendy with it. More of an evening practice for me, I have an agreement with myself that I will get onto my yoga mat every single day. Some days, one pose turns into an hour of sequential flow. Other days, the most I can muster is one minute spent in child’s pose. Most days, it’s the last thing I do before bed. But every single day, I get on that mat and touch in with myself. After more than a year of a daily yoga practice, my feet hitting the nobby mat is an automatic cue for my mind and body to slow down and pay attention.

Even if these practices don’t sound appealing to you, giving yourself daily rituals is a great, grounding gift. Being grounded is no longer the stuff of nightmares.

Author: Kristen Bagwill

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