March 5, 2016

You Are Potent. {Poem}


Live with the potency of your heart.
Hold back nothing
and let nothing be enough.

Your curiosity ought to be
and your passion unnerving.

Create without withholding.
Look fiercely at fear.
Cry for every reason and none at all.

Make space for sweetness.

You are meant to feel
and your feel’s meant
to touch

Make your skin transparent by your words.
See and be seen.
Love and be loved.
Just Love.

Let no one doubt that you love them
and love yourself
with unabashed abundance.

Unconfine yourself from the need to define yourself,
for you are new in each moment,
with exquisite details revealed,
new and remembered.

Trust your wisdom
and humble your mind.
Be kind.
Revel in the moon, the stars and the sea.

Revel in your heart.
Be free.
Come as you are,
combust with possibility.

Be all you can be.

Author: Tiffany Anderson

Assistant Editor: Ellie Cleary; Editor: Emily Bartran

Image: Flickr/Katmary

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