April 14, 2016

3 Secrets of a Modern Medicine Woman.


Being a Medicine Woman today is a very natural thing that requires no frills or fuss. We are all clear sentient beings, meaning we all have the superpower to feel our emotions in our bodies, and clear sight to know the truth. Yet arriving at this simple knowing takes building muscle.

For me, the journey back to myself felt interminable. I spent most of my adult life hiding, disconnected from my instinct and my inner knowing as I made my way deeper into a hole. One day I realized that I had no idea who I was anymore. I had given my power over to an invisible force. I had nowhere to turn as a familiar numbness kept returning to claim me. I wasn’t present with my body, much less able to relate to the world. As grace would have it, something inside of me was ready to awaken and, like an invisible cord tugging at my chest, it asked me to start searching.

And so, the hunt for my medicine began. I had a hunch that my essence lay somewhere deep inside my sexual energy. I had heard of the Chi of the Taoists and the mysterious Sekhem of the Egyptians. I had dreamt of red serpents many times, and wondered what my connection to this particular esoteric realm held for me. I devoured every book I could find. Kundalini energy beckoned me in every whisper of the wild wind and magnetized me with every crackle in the air.

I knew I had to explore. My first stop was inevitably Kundalini yoga. I began to study it, and then teach it. I worked with techniques to direct my energy up my spine and remove any blockages. I strengthened my central nervous system. I felt balanced and clear. Yet still I felt like there was a glass wall between the outside world and myself. Whilst I was desperate for connection, I didn’t know how to stop hiding.

So I turned up the heat on my exploration. I began meditations, visualizations and participated in a good dose of ceremonies (yes, with feathers and frills)—anything I could learn from—until finally it happened: I reached the clean static of an Orgasmic state. Yet this Orgasm was nothing like the fleeting tumultuousness of climax. It felt more like the pulsing life force energy that runs through everything was now running freely through me. Its force was such that it took me down with a fever that lasted two weeks!

I was shocked at this new alchemy, rapidly taking place in my body. I had prepared the pathways with yoga; I knew the different channels of energy in my body, but still this felt different. Orgasm asked to be approached with a lot of reverence. It had no order. It began to burn through everything in its wake that no longer served me. It was like an intelligent force searching my body and activating every part of it. I quickly became more fluid and came alive. It was like the long lost rocket fuel I had been searching for.

Orgasm was like electricity finding its way through every nook and cranny of my being, making way for me to finally inhabit my body. There was less room for fear and anxiety and more room for my self-expressed self to live there. It became the root of my power and emotional freedom as I watched shame and resentment leave more space for purpose. It was my unhindered artistic expression, my capacity to feel sexy and sensual, that led to my ability to channel joy. It was my radiance and my magnet. My return home.

Living from this orgasmic state continues to teach me about the mysteries of the feminine. The feminine is non-linear, magical and unpredictable, and lives in creativity, intuition and Eros. To be a medicine woman today means to be turned on and tuned in to everything that is around you; to be in the sensing and the feeling of the pulse of Gaia, within and without, so she can open up all the mysteries of her elemental kingdom that lie dormant within your body. Now I understand that my body is a vehicle to tap into the world and be in correct relationship to it. I have more capacity to include my full range of emotions in my experience of life and be more capable for it. The more pleasure I derive from life, the more emotion I move and transform, the more power I have to manifest what I desire.

Here are three secrets to becoming a medicine woman:

1. Cultivate Attention: Begin to think of yourself as a pleasure body. As a being able to feel with pinpoint precision what is happening within you at all times. Not just that you are hungry or sleepy but how did that conversation feel in your body? Did your cheeks flush? Did your gut tighten? Did you feel a prickly cold travel through your veins? Keep your attention on the sensations in your body. Those sensations are your Orgasm communicating to you through the nuances of your temperature and skin. Your body doesn’t lie and eventually those sensations will begin to speak to you and tell you the truth. You will develop clear sight because you will be able to resonate with everything around you and see things as they truly are, not as you wish them to be. Visualizations in orgasmic practice are also extremely effective. Remember energy flows where attention goes. Put your undivided, exquisite attention on your left hand. Can you feel the sensation increase? Now put your attention on your pelvic area and breathe deep to collect energy there. As the energy builds, imagine a cobra moving from the root of your spine up to the top of your head until it opens its hood to cover your crown. This is just one simple yet effective ancient alchemical technique to cultivate Orgasm.

2. Turn your fears into desires: If you are experiencing shame or anger, consider it just a sensation in your body. It is neither good nor bad. Be in approval of everything that you’re feeling. Include it and burn it in your orgasmic fire. Resisting feelings and pushing them away will only make them jar in your body even more. Our shadow side is where all the juicy transformation is. You cannot fully live in the light until you’ve looked straight into the dark. Releasing shame is like releasing pockets of energy that stay trapped in your system for better things to come through. Eventually when you’ve moved enough of your shadow, you may come to feel a sense of relief as you find you are more whole than before, and with much more gravity to walk through life and make things happen. A good place to start is by journaling on a sensation that has come up for you. How does it feel in your body? How can you be in approval of it? How can you reframe it by looking inwards and taking responsibility for it instead of falling for the dynamic of blame and shame?  Behind every fear there is a desire. Liberate your desire so the creative force of your orgasm can magnetize your highest good to you!

3. Ground in the Earth: Imagine the Earth’s energy as red. Every time you feel overwhelmed or stressed or just need the extra grounding, consciously “run red” in your system, allowing it to enter your body fully. Also, in going outside and planting your feet firmly on the ground, you can give back to the Earth some of the energy that you want to release for it to be alchemized in return. Imagine you have a zipper at the bottom of your feet. Open the zipper and flush all of the built up sensation into the ground. The Earth can take it. Then, if you have your attention out enough, you may even be able to feel the vibration of the plants and tremor of the flowers on your skin, and the electricity of the sounds as they charge your whole being. The earth teaches you how to ground in your physical body so you can fulfill your purpose. Grounding makes it so that all the power cultivated in Orgasmic practice is put to good use and not consumed in distractions like drama, manipulation and force. Practice feeling rooted in your sovereignty like a tree. A tree doesn’t move its roots or its branches to make way for the flowers or the sky, it just is, in all its glory, and everything supports it and is supported by it.

Your Orgasm is your particular brand of medicine and it has been within you all along. It is your unique essence that pushes through everything if given half a chance. Getting to know yourself is the greatest source of power there is…so explore! Dive in as deep as you can. When you are feeling turned on and connected, you will feel unshakably secure in your magnet and the power you have. It is your natural birth rite.

My Orgasm is wild, smooth, deep and earthy. It rises from the Earth like magic ivy cloaking everything with sparkling golden light and magnetizing even the whispers in the wind. It tastes like the turquoise ocean and smells like roses and cloves.

Tune into your body right now. Do you know what your medicine is?





Author: Carlotta Mastrojanni

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/New 1lluminati

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