April 23, 2016

6 Delicious Ways to Dialogue with Creation.

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After spending five years going through the biggest transition of my life—surviving a painful and long-drawn-out divorce, meeting the love of my life and moving across the country to begin anew with him, and completely eviscerating my old life in favor of one that is more aligned with who I am—I have come to an important conclusion.

A sane person doesn’t opt for upheaval without making sure that she has some friends with clout on her side.

By “friends,” I am talking about the universe Herself. The big she-bang. The dynamic spiral of creation—which is a living, dynamic being with a whole lot of heart and impressive pyrotechnics, to boot.

In fact, I view this entire dream of existence as something that was cooked up in the cauldron of Big Mama’s body and soul. And in the work I have done with ancestors, elementals, and even my bright and glowy future self (who has a lot of delicious messages for me when I care to tune in), I always come back to the same conviction: The innate cosmic intelligence is constantly communicating with us, and she wants nothing more than for us to receive the transmission and take our rightful place in the glorious totality of creation.

Of course, as much as I love my ego—which helps me maintain strong boundaries, get my bills paid, and ensure many good hair days—it can be a stealthy trickster when it comes to taking the Divine’s star-studded hand and allowing Her to lead the way on the wild adventure of life.

Although I, like so many other people, was raised with fear-based thinking as an overarching philosophy, my intimate tete-a-tetes with life have shown me that the universe is essentially benign. It is intimidating and malignant only when we view it as a distant and remote being, and ourselves as separate and powerless pawns in a game whose rules we cannot comprehend.

But the more we surrender to our lives and recognize our intrinsic connection to everything around us, the more present, powerful, and joyful we can be.

Here are six tips that I have discovered are essential when it comes to actively dialoguing with creation—and embarking on the greatest love affair of all.

1. Make an invitation to the Divine.

I’ve discovered that the more specific an invitation is, the better. (And I’ve learned not to worry that my invitation is couched in “petty” human concerns—honestly, nothing is too petty for the mistress of it all.) Many of us fall victim to the notion that the universe is an impersonal, cold, and unfeeling container for existence. But the more I’ve learned to actively engage in conversation (yes, I am talking about the spoken-aloud variety), the more palpably I have recognized the subtle energies that point to a conscious, compassionate, and co-creative being at the center of existence. I’m not about to capsize the ginormous mystery of creation into a distinct, perceptible, individual soul, but this I know to be true: She hears your pleas. She feels your suffering.

She relishes your joy. And if you talk to her like she is your BFF, your partner in crime, your beloved…she will respond.

2. If the “Divine” feels too abstract, focus on something specific.

She lives in everything, after all. Maybe, for some, she is the stately oak tree in the backyard. Or the waxing moon in a cloud-swept sky. Or a lover’s eyes in the throes of post-coital bliss. Truly, in yearning to experience connection with all that is, I have discovered that the universe has the uncanny power to make itself known through the most unexpected channels.

3. Connect with a personal deity.

Once again (and it bears repeating), the Divine isn’t some impersonal substance that exists in an unreachable and undifferentiated primal state. Deity worship can further help us focus our relationship with the great mystery by connecting us to specific qualities of the Divine that we would like to invoke or even cultivate within ourselves. In traditional Hinduism (the religion I was born into), devotees embark on 40-day sadhanas, or periods of worship, in which they strive to cultivate a personal relationship with a deity through meditation, mantra recitation, singing, dance, and other ways of connecting.

I have a number of personal deities with whom I connect, including many of the Hindu gods and goddesses I grew up with (Kali, Shiva, and Krishna, among others). For further research, Doreen Virtue’s Archangels and Ascended Masters is a wonderful resource, covering 77 divinities from a number of traditions.

4. Seek an authentic relationship through ritual.

So many people are indoctrinated to pray or to connect with creation only when the going gets rough—and we neglect to express gratitude and appreciation for her when we are happy, nourished, inspired. I’ve made this mistake many times before, and I’ve learned that it can create discontinuity and static in an otherwise fruitful relationship. This is why I’ve created rituals in my life—during the new and full moons, on specific days of the week, and daily—that enable me to simply check in with the Divine.

I also try to express gratitude for all that the Divine has given me (the universe especially smiles upon creative offerings in the form of dance, art, and poetry). I ask the questions I would like to have answered. I share my most heartfelt desires and hopes. And, if I don’t have anything in particular to vent about, I simply shoot the shit and simply have a cup of tea with the universe.

No big whoop. Just a simple chat with universal love.

5. Observe the seasons and work with the elements.

Gaia (or Earth) is an integral aspect of the very body of creation; observing her dynamic miracles at play through the observation of seasonal changes (including birthdays) can be very powerful in understanding the cyclical rhythms of creation and our own existence. Working with fire, air, earth, water (and sometimes, metal or wood) can also help to create a more intimate relationship with the building blocks of life.

6. Use your imagination.

I don’t limit myself to the suggestions above. However anyone chooses to dialogue with creation is absolutely up to them. As long as the desire to communicate is sincere and heartfelt, I am positive that the universe always responds. As soon as I began to open those channels of communication, my life changed forever.

I am deeply grateful for that sense of crossing over the threshold and into union with the energy from which I came.

This relationship is deep, rich, intimate, and more satisfying than words can say.



Author: Nirmala Nataraj

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Pixabay 

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