April 11, 2016

Are You Wearing My Wings? {Poem}

twin flame couple


I’ve made a reservation for you.

I’ve saved a space in my heart.

I’ve carved out a little corner

Of my world,

Where you would fit quite nicely,

If only you would choose it.

How would our lives change

If you held me close for a night,

Or even longer than that?

Would the stars burn out

If you were to kiss my lips,

My neck, my soul?

Would the world continue turning

If we fell into each other

As completely as I have imagined?

Would the fires of passion

Consume our bones?

Or would we dance on the flames

In our perfection?

Could you be

The one I’ve waited for?

My friend,

My darling one,

My teacher and guide.

Is this real?

Or have I wished so deeply

For you,

That I have made it so only in

My mind?

Could we move mountains together,

My love?

Or will we stay here,

In the middle place?

The place of desire,

The place of fear,

The place of knowing

That the space inside me

Is shaped just like you.

Will you plunge into

My waters

And find your freedom

In the waves?

If we joined our bodies,

Would we find that each of us

Was born with the other’s wings?

Could we fly?

Would we ever return to the earth

If would could rest

On cotton candy clouds,

And drink silvery moonbeams?

Or will another lifetime

Be necessary to prepare us,

To prepare the whole world,

For the force we could become?





Author: Renée Dubeau

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: screenshot from Youtube video 

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