April 12, 2016

Before you Fall for Her, Ask Yourself This.

Camila Cordeiro/ Unsplash

Maybe she is a challenge to you—enticing you and drawing you closer to her flame.

Like a mountain to be conquered, she captivates you.

She piques your curiosity, and you were always one to entertain your imagination. But can you really handle a woman like that?

Maybe catching her love would be a great ego boost. Capturing something wild and taming something that claims it cannot be tamed. But she is much more than a simple challenge to be conquered or something wild to be caged. She is not a puzzle to be worked—she will never work out the same way again. She is not a book to be read or a subject to be studied.

She can’t be understood. She is ever-changing. Always growing.

Maybe she excites you with her free spirit and her wild nature. She probably does, but are you strong enough to make it past the honeymoon stage with her? Strong enough to love her without changing her—letting her roam and be free without restraints?

Are you confident enough in yourself to love a woman like that?

She certainly has her baggage and she has set her limitations. She is no longer the girl that will accept bullsh*t treatment because you offer her an apology. She knows what she deserves. She has settled before and she refuses to do so again.

She does not believe in third, fourth, or fifth chances. Empty promises leave no mark nor strike any type of fancy to her. She believes in being treated right the first time. Do you really want to fall for a girl like her? The kind that will reject your promises until they are filled. The kind that is blind to anything but actions.

Do you really want a woman like that?

Her heart is mighty yet tender from being pieced back together time and time again. Reconstructed each time it has been shattered by loves, friends, family, and most commonly, herself. Loving her leaves the responsibility of her patchwork heart in your hands. Can you really care for it—delicate & fighting—the way it longs to be cared for? Can you give her what she deserves? Can you give her what she has given to others?

She is grounded in herself. Sure of her goals. And both she and her goals will go on with or without you. She is strong because she knows what it’s like to be weak. She is self sufficient because she knows the sting that depending on anyone other that herself can bring.

She is everything that she is because of her past. And she finally likes who she has become—the woman who has emerged from the rubble.

She knows that the history of her heart is the true underdog story. So she will not give you the power to change who she is or ever give you an all-access pass to her heart, because she has made that terrible mistake before. She has learned quickly that parts of her are so precious that they are only for her.

She keeps pieces of her heart on reserve for herself. You will never love every part of her, because you won’t know every part. And can you really handle a woman like that?

So, before you fall in love, ask yourself : do I really want to love a girl like her?  

Ask yourself, am I strong enough—man enough—to love a woman like that? Am I responsible enough and kind enough? Tough enough, yet gentle enough? Thoughtful and understanding enough?

Because she is a tornado. She is the kind of woman that leaves things shattered. Either herself, or you, or maybe both.

Do you really want to risk loving a woman like that?


Author: Emily Cutshaw

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Camila Cordeiro/ Unsplash


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