April 13, 2016

Choose a Man who Knows his Higher Purpose.

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Anyone who has dared to explore the proverbial depths of the unknown has no doubt experienced a deep sense of fear, uncertainty, ridicule and ultimate sacrifice.

A man who’s destined to fulfill his higher purpose in life will have willingly accepted his rights of passage, long before it’s even been realized. He embraces failure as an earmark of his eventual success—this is the basis of some of his greatest teachings and lessons.

A man who is sure of what he wants out of life exudes a balance of confidence and humility as an emblem of the many trials that temper his heart and soul.

He possesses a fire in his belly that motivates passions in both waking and dreaming life.

Choose a man who surfs through the criticism of those who’d prefer to be spectators on life’s sidelines because he’s too busy doing good than paying attention to critics.

Choose a man whose happiness is derived in uncertainty and self-reliance—he generates happiness in lean times, but stays humble when basking in the fruits of his labor.

Choose a man whose love influences the shifting sands of time. He pours every ounce of himself into his own pursuits and to his partner who, like him, has fallen many times.

He recognizes her pain as his own and loves her authentically.

Choose a man whose nature is sensitive yet stern. He’s learned not to back down to dissuading beliefs, indoctrinations or indignant opinions.

Opposition, after all, is one of his greatest teachers.

Choose a man who smiles at each passerby in an offering of his compassionate heart—he wants to understand others and is open to making new connections.

Choose a man who wears tragedy as a birthmark and who recognizes that each scar on his heart is a reminder that love prevails over fear.

Choose a man who recognizes that the only woman who can tame his wild spirit is one who also knows herself deeply and whose heartbreaks have made her into the strong and beautiful soul she is today.

Choose a man who pursues his dreams because it’s the only way he wants to live. He’s learned from experience that not living life authentically will only destroy his health, relationships and vitality.

Choose a man who, despite disappointments and failures, rises to each day with purpose and intent in his heart, no matter how he feels physically.

Choose a man who loves a woman so deeply that she will lust over his mind, body and spirit—craving a taste of him whenever he’s absent and utterly satiated by his sexual nature while in the throes of unbridled love making.

Choose a compassionate man who knows that loving someone else requires undue attention, devotion and acceptance for true intimacy and a lasting relationship.

Choose a man who understands that health is a mantra. Despite over-working himself at times and being hard on himself, he knows when to relax and to just be. He is always aware that the present is an eternal moment of grace and awe.

Choose a man who sees generosity as a priority. He embraces the reality of struggle but doesn’t dwell there; instead, he uses each precious opportunity to be of service to others while taking special care of himself and his loved ones.

This is a man who recognizes that while greatness stems from inside, he never would have learned to appreciate hardship and sacrifice without adversity. He is stronger from having learned to cultivate love out of fear, and has learned to banish hatred from within.

Choose a man who’s inspired by beauty rather than power—he’s moved to do what he loves because he witnesses the same around him each day of his heartfelt existence.

Set your sights high for a man worthy of you because he will assuredly have set his just as high.

Choose to love the rawness of his nature.

Choose him because he is imperfect. He’s willing to work for what drives him and what’s worthy of your love too.




Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Karl Fredrickson at Unsplash 

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