April 20, 2016

He Said/She Said: This is Love.

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*This is cowritten by Kate Rose and Jerry Stocking. His words appear in regular script while hers appear in italics.

“When I follow my heart, it leads me to you.”  ~ Unknown

We speak love differently you and I, yet what we mean are merely different translations of the same sentiments.

Every aspect of my delicious masculinity desires your awe inspiring femininity in the most passionate way possible.

My heart yearns for you as every star that has dropped into the delicious sea illuminating it from within.

Whether we are at Le Chateaubriand sharing fine wine and dinner, walking along a mountain stream or curled up on a beach at sunset there is a wild, biological part of me, like radar, moment to moment scanning to discover whether we are closer or further from making love.

Although your touch is addictive upon my supple skin, it isn’t solely what connects my heart to yours. I know at times because the physical aspect of our relationship feels like fire—sometimes the things our hearts are saying become lost among the moans and sighs escaping our lips.

But even when we’re apart, I feel drawn to you—you are the only one who has the map to my most secret caverns.

I will do anything to pull you near, to possess you. Every cell in me wants every cell in you. My lungs want yours; my mind wants your mind. Even my fingertips would give up a little of their unique print just to hold your hand.

My love, it seems that I have spent centuries roaming this planet searching for someone who fits as effortlessly as you do. It’s in the warm way your worn moss colored flannel embraces me and makes me forget that anything exists outside of our world, smelling like bergamot tea and lavender honey.

There isn’t anywhere else I would rather be than right here with you.

My physical aspect desires confirmation that you want me in the most primal way possible. Your desire for me is the only thing that matters, and I will say or do anything to feel your touch, hear your voice or prolong a phone call with you by a few seconds. I will jump higher, run faster and even do the dishes to get the tiniest glance from you.

The only thing you must know is that I breathe you—your scent, your touch and your body. Although my skin is pale underneath the moon light your name is scrawled across the places you’ve kissed and tantalized with your affection. 

You feel too good to be true. It’s nothing you do in particular, you’re just being yourself.

Above all my body finally knows what it wants: your body. It wants to roll around in the sheets with you, make love in a fresh spring shower and hold you so near that we are only bodies.

I’ve waited to hear these very words since I first began to notice the electricity erupting between us in cobalt intensity—I have wanted you since then.

Not just to roll in the sheets under kisses and laughter, but to wake up and trace your lips as the sun peeks through the worn shades or to cuddle against you with a cool washcloth when you are laid up and ill.

My spirit wants yours.

My love, I believe now that we share the same spirit—or at least a portion of it.

No other has ever felt more like home than you do.

My heart spirit yearns to become infinitely entangled in yours. It’s willing, and excited to share the entire universe with you—to rule it together.

My heart breaks when I am with you and when I am not. So all hope and illusion of relief melts into poetry with you as muse and the universe as our dance floor.

I don’t know any other way to be other than entangled in you and the love that you give me. I had spent years wondering if I was possibly meant to travel solo in this journey, but all that changed the moment that my eyes met yours.

I’ve been yours since the first moment we met, and together I know that there isn’t anything we can’t handle or overcome.

You are an angel and only I see your gossamer wings.

My only hope is that once you realize that my wings are tarnished and speckled with the wounds of my mistakes—that you will love me even more.

Because maybe you’ll come to see that my unique scars make me all the more beautiful.

You are a sunrise just for me, shedding light on my life. Being with you is the top of the mountain, with a conquerors view of the world below. Being separated from you is a cliff. Time stands still when I am by your side.

And you are my sunset, the most beautiful thing I will gaze upon before my eyes close heavy with sleep and your arm pulls me close into your dreams.

I know that sometimes we must be separated so we can each continue on our individual journey—but even in the spaces between us—I will still be here, counting the moments until you will once again return, stronger than ever.

I want to sing you a song, buy you things and see my ring on your finger. I want to make heaven’s love to you, cherishing each part of your heart and soul.

The truth is, whether a ring adorns my hand or not, you are already a part of my soul.

This is something that time won’t change, because you aren’t just a part of my life—you are a part of me.

I want to be all man for you: a movie star, a great author, tall, strong and all knowing. I want to be Divinity for you. I want to be my best—you remind me that I am that holy.

I’ve spent time wondering how a man like you can love a woman who is merely me—but you put these bickering thoughts to peace with the hushed whispers of your fingertips tracing my heart lines.

I may be different than the woman who I will someday become, I know now that whoever I evolve into will always be just enough for you.

In your presence I embrace infinite aspects of myself more closely than I normally dare. We are immortal.

Our love is the stuff of myths—everybody wants to be us.

My destiny wants yours.

For too long we believed we didn’t deserve this love because it was better than we ever could have hoped for.

But this love is authentic—you have continually been the strong arms to hold me when I am my weakest.

I don’t know how to live my life without you any longer.

Not because I am not strong or capable on my own, but because you have woven yourself into the threads of my life, becoming part of its very structure.

And to lose you now also means losing myself.

I want you to be my destiny, not an Earthy relationship project. I’m tired of all the people who talk about relationships being hard and requiring work. This is not a slave/master relationship. It is two free people choosing each other moment to moment. We don’t have to work at it. It can be as easy as a soft sensitive kiss, as easy as wanting you, as easy as feeling the way I naturally do about you.

Just because most people experience relationships as a bumpy road doesn’t mean that we need to. Ours can be an open and drifting road, smooth and freeing. I want you just the way you are. To welcome every mole hill without imagining it to be a mountain: in fact, we exist together without any imagining at all.

Gravity, magnetism, chemistry and electricity all root for us to be together. We fall together, not apart. We attract each other, blend well together and shock each other with our love.

Loving you is easy, loving myself is hard. I can’t love myself without loving you, it’s too lonely, a desert.

I know that I stumbled at first because I expected it to be hard, it’s the way I had always experienced love.

I never knew that love could simply be easy—when it is the right fit.

I don’t know if I can express my awe and gratitude for you, being the conscious awakened man you are, because the life you’ve found for yourself has given me the freedom to do the same for myself.

And there is no greater sign of love than wanting them to fly—reaching for the stars and becoming the best possible version of themselves.

You provide a beautiful vacation from myself when I need it most. Then I return to myself, knowing that you are there: a sweet break from myself when I need it, a dip into unconditional love when nothing less will do.

Wanting you is the easiest thing I have ever done and the easiest thing I will ever do.

And you my love, whether we stay together until we draw our last breath or we part ways at dusk you will simply always be my heart.

Because loving you has been the easiest thing I have ever done, even without trying.


Author: Kate Rose & Jerry Stocking

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Unsplash/Nathan Walker

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