April 20, 2016

Seek a Man who Fans Your Flames.

Image: geralt / Pixabay

“Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames.” ~ Rumi


What’s the point of icy, indifferent, half-hearted lovers who always have one foot out the door—and never really say how they feel about us?

Where’s the deliciousness in careful, calculated relationships where we spend our precious days politely tip-toeing around the lioness roars of our truth so we don’t scare him away?

And oh my goodness—why do we love men who can’t even love themselves?

Why do we settle for partners that pour water on our fire, that make us contract rather than expand, that smash down our sparkly feathers and make us more fearful, more empty—rather than setting us fantastically, beautifully free?

No more.

Walk swiftly away from everything that doesn’t serve the sapphire depths of your hungry soul. Step away from everything that makes you feel small. Shake it out, shake it loose. Let it go. Leave it all behind. Exhale. Expand. ‘Cause you’re made of stardust, fire, and love—you’ll be just fine, you’ll shed your skin magnificently, like you always do.

Value yourself. Know yourself. Taste your soul and light up the night sky like electric, poetic woman you are. Dig deep and speak proudly, loudly, deliciously.

Burn like the fiery goddess you are.

And seek a man who fans your flames.

He knows exactly how to appreciate a thrilling woman like you. A woman who leads with her dripping heart, leans directly into the depths of discomfort and dances the twirling tango with her darkest demons. A woman who transforms her tears into rapturous art. A woman who knows how to fight, how to feel deeply—and most of all, how to love fiercely.

Burn like the fiery goddess you are. Seek a man who fans your flames.

He won’t be overwhelmed by the emerald rivers of your thrashing tears. He won’t be stunned by the way you speak your deepest truth without a pause of hesitation. He won’t back away from the volcanic heat of your epic wildfire.

He will breathe with you, inhaling with the blazing bang-bang-bang of your electric heartbeat, exhaling onto your quivering soul and fanning your flames with his fingertips.

He wants you to burn as brightly as humanly possible—because he lives to burn, too. He’s unafraid to set himself on fire, shed his skin, and be birthed by the apricot-colored cusp of dawn, raw and new.

Seek a man who fans your flames.

He won’t quiet your roars—he’ll roar ecstatically with you.

And he will think it’s the damn sexiest thing in the world when you break open, spill your guts, and say exactly what’s on your mind.

Too much?

For him, there is no such thing as too much when it comes to you. An edited, smoothed-over, photoshopped cute little cover photo just won’t do.

He wants the real thing.

The real you. The tender, raw, gritty you. The you you’re constantly becoming.

He wants you sweaty, loud-mouthed, flying free, immersed in your journey, breaking through layers of bullshit, pulling yourself back up from the darkest depths of pain like the goddamn phoenix you are.

He wants your heart-soaked vulnerability. Your bursting enthusiasm. Your flowing joy.

He wants your darkness, your grit, and all the dust-filled corners under your skin that you try to hide.

He wants to look at you—into you—and never look away.

It’s impossible for him to be intimidated or scared away by your vividness—because he is truly your equal. He’s the fire to your fire. The intensity to your intensity. The soul to your soul. The thirst to your thirst. The love to your love.

He will challenge you.

He will look boldly into your eyes and kiss your scars. Not to fix them—‘cause he knows you don’t need fixing darlin’—but  to hear all the stories, chapters, sentences, successes and f*ck up’s tattooed on your soul’s skin that led you to become the wonderful, strong, wise woman you are today.

Seek a man who fans your flames.

Holding back? Playing games? That doesn’t interest him at all.

You know what does interest him?

Kissing you. Knowing you. Seeing you. Breathing with you. Walking alongside you. Sitting in the scorching fires of truth with you. Talking for hours upon hours in the wet, dewy grass about beauty, pain, love, loss, and everything in between.

You will dive ocean-deep together—deeper, deeper, deeper—discovering ancient coral-reef secrets and hidden jewels of joy and ruby-dusted poetry. And then, refreshed as can be, you’ll surge upward and soar like hawks into the glistening cobalt sky.

Seek a man who fans your flames.

He’s rooted in his journey, fiercely committed to his own heart, so he won’t need you—but he will want you. He will want to walk his path, alongside you, as you walk yours. He is forever committed to cracking his heart open, chasing truth, and living vibrantly in the lion’s mane of his wild hair, just as you are.

Seek a man who fans your flames.

Together, you will experience epic adventures more succulent than anything you’ve ever tasted in your life.

He won’t kiss you under the moon—he will kiss you with so much passion, so much presence, so much intention

That he takes you to the moon.

He’ll drape you in ruby poetry,

And make your skin glow like a solar flare.

As you inspire each other

To fly higher,

To be wilder,

To burn brighter.

Seek a man who fans your flames,

For he will be your true equal.

Find him by being exactly yourself. Find him by igniting your own life.

And when you do, look him square in the eyes with your gorgeous goddess grin—and fan his flames with your smile.

It will be a combustible love, a slow-burning beauty—

A love drenched in heart

A love choreographed by soul.

A love forever dedicated to truth.

A love that sets the whole world

On delicate, delicious





Author: Sarah Harvey 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: geralt / Pixabay 

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