April 4, 2016

The difference between “Vice” vs. “Onion.” [imgur]

Want a career? Take some pics on Instagram and…read this:

10 Easy Steps to becoming a Yoga Celebrity.


To be serious, more openness and discussion is a good thing. But if it’s powered by celebrity and gossip, that’s not a great thing–we need facts and science to determine sex ed., not just Instagram.


The difference between “Vice” vs. “Onion.” [imgur]


Here’s the article via the Onion:

STATE COLLEGE, PA—Lisbet “Lizzie” Gilchrist, a second-year undergraduate at Penn State University, told reporters that she has the makings of a good sex-advice columnist Monday.

Gilchrist on the campus she feels could benefit from her wisdom.

“Whenever I read a sex column in a magazine or newspaper, I always think, ‘I could totally write this,'” said Gilchrist, a 19-year-old undeclared major. “I’m always giving advice to my friends about what kind of condoms to get, or whether you should use lube or not. I’m not afraid to discuss things other people are too embarrassed to talk about.”…read the rest here.


Via Reddit:

The Onion has a Vice parody series called “EDGE”. It’s pretty funny


Documentary Now (Bill Hader and Fred Armiston) did a parody called “Dronez” and it’s absolutely brilliant.


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