April 11, 2016

To the Woman Who Tempers My Soul. {Poem}

Yagmur Adam/Flickr

Each day I wake and I imagine the woman who will temper my spirit and brand her love unto my heart.

She mystifies me. I meet her in so many women and can tell what I am looking for, although like so many times before, this person or that is not her—she still eludes me.

I’m inspired to write and to call out to her before I sleep in hopes that we’ll eventually meet while we dream.

One day she is younger, today she might be the same age and tomorrow it’s likely that she will be that older, mature and wise woman I’ve always had a weakness for.

So I wrote this poem as a celebration to all of you who have found your soulmate or perfect companion in this life, in hopes that we who are still seeking within ourselves will be fortunate enough to someday meet that special person who inspires such divine commitment and loving embrace to ensue.

Sometimes I am flattered by those innocent eyes—a younger woman’s gaze. Her soft skin and delicate impression resemble the picture of vitality.

Alas, it’s your wisdom I seek. Your invisible scars emanate beyond your vibrant, glowing body and your eyes, speaking their storied tales, whisper to my heart.

Hardships long past, yet your voice reveals the heartache and longing for a man who can decipher your grief—his reverent eyes glisten when looking into yours, revealing his past struggles and similar heartbreak.

Our fated lives resemble fallen pride, loss and ultimate gain.

He realizes she is older than he despite her youthful prose, warmed by inner firelight; protected by his humble nature, yet vulnerable to her raw authenticity and splendid beauty.

Dancing in circles in a field lit with fireflies under the blanket of midnight’s embrace, star lust and moonshine’s taste; drunken with laughter and play.

Her story tempers his wild spirit. His story seduces her yearning soul.

Their hands clasp and lips collide—heart tornadoes mingling in a fury of mystery and lust.

This unrelenting path led them to one another despite impossible odds while dreaming of this moment; two spirits rising from their body’s slumber.

Awakened, wistfully meeting here in this magic place in time—a divine interlude where soulmates finally unite.

Here’s to the exhibition of love and the chase. This is for every lonely soul who knows deep down that only one person will fully ignite their fire with grace.

We’re here to share our love, even when it pains.

If you have found someone worth holding onto, let them know today. No matter what drives us to or away from our match, remember to kiss them with conviction and hold them one moment longer when they’re in your arms next.

It’s the little things that matter the most; not what’s material, but what arises from our authenticated love. These moments are temporary and will one day only be a memory, a dream long past.

I wish and I wait—patiently reminded time and time again that maybe it’s up to fate.


Author: Thayne Ulschmid

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Yagmur Adam/Flickr

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