April 4, 2016

You Can’t Pen Me Down: Runaway Cow hits New York City (Again).


rescued bull

A little over two months ago, a cow made headlines after escaping from a slaughterhouse and going on the run in Queens, NY.

That cow was spotted running for her life on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, much to the dismay of the city dwelling New Yorkers, many of whom had no idea a slaughterhouse existed in Queens.

On Friday another bovine animal, this time a bull, decided he didn’t want to wind up as some human’s dinner either—and made his escape from a slaughterhouse. Frank Lee (nicknamed after a famous Alcatraz escapee) found some grazing land on the campus of York College.

But alas, it wasn’t for long. After a valiant attempt to evade the cops, Frank was  lassoed, tranquilized and captured. The scene may have seemed like an April Fool’s Day joke to the students, but at least one student wanted to keep him. After all, reasoned Julian Lopez, “we have enough grass for him to roam around.”

Not to worry. A famous animal rights advocate stepped in to save Frank from certain death. After the Farm Sanctuary alerted him, Jon Stewart came to the rescue. Yes, Jon Stewart who retired from the Daily Show in 2014, and his wife Tracey, author of the New York Times best seller Do Unto Animals, became Frank’s saviors. Together, they now run their own animal sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

The Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, after hearing of the runaway bull’s plight, negotiated with the rancher who owned him, to purchase him for $1,000. But after getting in touch with Jon Stewart, it was Stewart and Tracey who drove to ACC, picked Frank up and drove him to safety.

His life has been spared. He won’t reside at Skylands. He will ultimately be at home at the Farm Sanctuary.


Author: Gayle Fleming

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Farm Sanctuary



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