May 27, 2016

10 Grounding Tips to Help Us Cope with Milestone Birthdays.


I have never been afraid of turning 30.

I always thought it was just another number, that the hype around turning 30 wasn’t at all worth the worry and anguish that people seemed to be feeling.

My friend turned 30 in December. During the previous months, he would talk about his upcoming birthday with an impending sense of doom. He swore that his body was changing and that everything was going to go downhill for him from there. I told him that turning 30 was no big deal and that everything was going to be fine—but this was before my own 30th was looming.

Now I feel like if I don’t reach every goal I’ve ever set for myself within the next month or so, I’ll have somehow failed at life. I am constantly thinking about my bank account, fitness goals, and how to run a successful business while still finding time to write and take care of myself. I feel like there’s so much pressure to be “there” by the time we turn 30.

This got me thinking: What’s the rush? I finally took a deep breath and reflected on what I’ve learned so far.

If, like me, you have an upcoming birthday or have been beating yourself up for not having reached all of your goals, here are some (hopefully) helpful tips to get you through.


1. Take more days off.

In a society that praises us when we push ourselves to our breaking point, we have to tune in to ourselves and remember to rest and relax so that we can properly recharge. There’s no sense in getting that next promotion or saving for a house if it leaves us completely drained. Self-care is necessary––take some more “me time” to make sure that you are treating yourself well.

2. Slow down and celebrate.

We all have goals that we are striving for, but we need to remember to give ourselves credit for the progress we are making every day and to be grateful for everything that we already have in our lives. I know what it feels like to think, “I can do more!” but I believe that we have to acknowledge how far we have come so we can keep going instead of burning out.

3. Treat your body and mind well.

I strive to eat healthy every day and I exercise six times a week, while also trying to meditate every day. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, I recommend getting one. Meditating is so calming.  It has helped me achieve clarity and increase relaxation and awareness in my mind as well as my body. Exercise releases feel good hormones that we could all use––why not take advantage of nature’s free anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication?

4. Fall in love.

I think that we have all had our hearts broken and we have likely broken a few hearts ourselves. It’s tempting to give up on love or to be afraid to be vulnerable, but I think it’s worth it to fall in love over and over again––preferably fall in love with ourselves along the way, too.

5. Keep standing up for what you believe in.

Some people will never understand things that you believe in. I have a large meat-eating family, but I’m vegan. Despite what others may think or how much grief they may give you for your beliefs, hang tightly to your morals––this builds your character.

6. Stop living to please others. 

You know what’s exhausting? Trying to live your life the way that you want to, while also trying to please others. There will always be at least one person who will never be on board with your plans. So direct your energy to yourself and gather up the strength to live the life of your dreams, regardless of what those around you think.

7. Be as kind, gentle and patient with yourself as you are with other people you love. 

I’ve noticed that I’m often kinder, gentler, and more patient with other people than I am with myself. If you are the same way, extend the same empathy that you show others to yourself.

8. Always look ahead. 

If there is anything I have learned over the years, it is that there is no point in dwelling on the past. The best way to move forward is to learn from the past, enjoy the present, and look ahead.

9. Relax and unwind more often. 

Some of the ways that I love to unwind are to write, play music, dance, and sing. I also love to laugh! However you like to relax and feel free, do it often.

10. Create.

There is research that shows that expressing creativity keeps us healthy and happy. Whether you love writing, dancing, singing, painting, or something else entirely, do it often and let your creativity flow.

As you reach your next big milestone in life, I hope that these tips will help keep you grounded, grateful, healthy, and happy.




Musings on Turning 30-Something.


Author: Christina Tanios

Assistant Editor: Tammy Novak / Editor: Renée Picard

Image Credit: Suzana Dordea, Pixoto


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