May 17, 2016

7 Helpful Yoga Tips that help to Detoxify our Bodies.

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According to health news, your body is designed to engage in natural detoxification every day—and the best way to improve it is through yoga.

Every year, more and more people are becoming health conscious and looking for more ways to lose weight, cleanse their body and detox. If you are looking for the right way to begin a healthy, fresh, positive lifestyle, try yoga.

How does toga detox your body?

Yoga focuses on the systematical stretching and compression of every part of the body. It is well-suited to help maintain the waste system of the body to function properly. With regular yoga practice, every part of your body is turned, twisted, pulled, and pushed—which facilitates removable of toxic waste products such as carbon dioxide, lymphatic fluid, and lactic acid from deep within the tissues.

In addition to the many physical benefits of yoga, this practice also aids in mental detox. Stress, depression, and fear create a negative sensations in the body. Practicing yoga will help dispel the toxic thoughts by teaching you to focus away from the chaos and back to the present moment. A regular yoga practice will help eliminate the toxins that keep you from feeling your best.

Here are seven helpful yoga tips that will help to detoxify your body:

Understand the Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga allows us the freedom to acknowledge that each new breath is a brand new moment where we can re-start any time, and practice all the time. Yoga helps us to stay in the present and positively move forward to better health and balance. With the right routine, yoga can also help us detox our minds and bodies by following poses—as the sequence has a series of twists that help remove toxins, stimulate digestion, build muscle, and get the digestive track steadily running.

Practice Proper Breathing

Yogic breathing is important to promoting the detox. With so many bad habits, sitting with bad posture forces the lungs to not inflate fully. As a result, our body doesn’t take in enough life-sustaining oxygen, and we take in carbon dioxide when we exhale. Proper breathing helps clear out the harmful carbon dioxide from the lung tissue as it helps stimulate the organs of digestion. With continuous practice, this will allow the diaphragm to move easily, even off the yoga mat.

Downward Dog Pose

The downward dog pose gets the heart higher than the head and reverses the pull of gravity to improve lymph and blood circulation. This pose also tones the abdomen and stimulates digestion.

Begin the position by starting on your hands and knees with your palms fully pressing into the floor with your toes tucked under. Slowly raise the knees and straighten the legs as your press into the hands and feet and lift your sitting bones as your move the thighs up. Allow your head to hang loose and hold the position for at least 10 deep breaths.

Marichi’s Twist Pose

The Marichiyasana 3 pose contains one of the many benefits of yoga for weight loss. This pose helps to squeeze the abdominal organs and stimulate the digestion for proper elimination.

Start the pose by sitting tall with your legs straight. Slowly bend your right knee and bring the sole of your right foot towards your right sitting bone. Let your right hand rest on the floor behind your back for balance and support. Hold for a few breaths, then reach your left hand up to allow your rib cage to lift. Slowly rotate the torso toward the right and pull your left elbow toward the right knee. Hold for five deep breaths.

Using the sensation of your left elbow, gently press into your right leg to promote your torso to twist more toward the right. Depending on what feels best for your neck, you can either look over your shoulder, straight ahead, or look behind you. Hold for five deep breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

Legs against the Wall

The pose promotes blood flow through the feet and legs and soothes the nervous system to allow the body to detox.

Start by sitting in front of the wall with your right hip and shoulder against the wall. Slowly bend your knees and roll onto the left side to allow your feet to touch the wall. Slowly slide over to your back and extend the legs as they rest on the wall. Extend your arms on the floor with your palms up and hold for at least five to 10 deep breaths.

Side Crow Pose

Slowly squat on the balls of your feet with your fingertips on the ground and knees together for balance. Move your body to the right with your elbow outside of the left thigh and breathe. Put your hands shoulder-distance apart on the ground as you press your fingertips and bend your elbows. Slowly tip forward as your feet tip off the ground. Take deep breaths and repeat on the opposite side.

Bow Pose

This pose promotes a thorough body stretch to wake up the digestion system and allow blood circulation.

Start the pose by lying face down with your knees bent. Grab your ankles and press your feet into your hands and keep your needs hips apart. Gently leave the chest off the ground and hold for 10 deep breaths.

In the practice of yoga, make each new breath a new moment. Each move requires proper breathing to lengthen the body, as if you are wringing yourself out like a sponge and getting rid of the negatives.

You can start at any time—yoga helps us stay in the present, and inspires us to move forward and never look back.




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