May 17, 2016

Dear Anger. {Poem}

Thoth god of knowledge/Flickr

Burning in my chest, fire in my belly,
pounding and throbbing in my temples
until you finally got out
of the cage of my body.

For months, you tried desperately to escape.
I wouldn’t let you.
I saw you as a threat to others—
a danger to myself.

But you were steadfast,
stronger than your surroundings.
You found your way out.
And I’m glad you did.

I realized my perception of you was wrong.
I thought you would hinder my recovery,
but instead, you are impelling it.

Because without you, there can be no change
to all that is wrong in the world.
You remind me of the needs
that I must nurture.

As aggravating as you are,
right now, I need you.
You can’t stay forever.
Eventually you’ll have to go elsewhere;
perhaps you’ll transform into something else,
just as I have.

But for now, you can stick around.
After all, we have quite a bit of catching up to do.
Your job here is not complete,
but once it is, we’ll both know.

You are not as terrible as I judged you to be.
So thank you for befriending me.
May our relationship continue to be productive,




Author: Pavita Singh

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Thoth God of Knowledge/Flickr


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