May 9, 2016

Energy Forecast May 9th-May 16th: Romance, Creativity & Intuition.


Transformation is the word of the week and it’s going to be entangled with love and creativity. This period is about the small changes that we have been putting off, but it is also going to be focusing in on those huge life altering ones too.

The best bit about this phase is not only will significant changes be occurring, but also, what is about to happen will align perfectly with certain hopes we have been putting on the back burner due to fear of failure. Vivid visions have been swirling around and making a dramatic impact on us in recent days, whether while we are awake or in our dreams.

It has seemed as though there is no escape the fact that we have been frantically running around at a great speed in the opposite direction of heightened levels of love and happiness as well as trying to fly from the manifestation of our “too-good-to-be-true” desires.

Over these next few days we may feel as though we have dived straight into a very deep ocean of opportunities and possibilities and the current is naturally going to carry us along in the direction that we are meant to go. Everything will seem to fall effortlessly into place and things that at one point may have seemed out of reach will now be floating towards us. Our greatest challenge this week is whether we are going to have the courage to venture out a little to take a look at whatever is magnetizing us, or whether we turn and swim away so that we remain treading water in the safe familiar spot we have always known.

“New beginnings are often described as painful endings.” ~ Lao Tzu

Change isn’t always easy. It takes a tremendous amount of bravery and also for us to place trust in our intuition and decision-making abilities. It also means that we are going to have to let go of anything that has been weighing us down, so that we can freely flow with the chances that are coming our way. If we choose to cling to anything that no longer serves us we will find ourselves dragged along in whatever direction those things are going, rather than riding the momentum of what could dramatically propel our necessary individual growth—mostly connected with matters of the heart.

Even though this week we will be witnessing a sprinkling of magic falling all around us, fortunately, we can breathe and relax into it, as there is no immediate hurry. The energy is calm and stable right now, so we can take our time to ponder what feels true to us, so that by the end of the week we will clearly make sense of whatever has been playing on our mind as of late, especially when we look at these new deliveries set against the backdrop of the bigger picture of our lives.

Simply put, we are receiving the opportunity to casually and gracefully window shop. We can take in the beauty of all the magnificent offerings, and touch each one gently with care and consideration, while thinking about how the energy feels to us, and without feeling guilty that we are under pressure to buy.

The main recommendation for the week is that we don’t turn away from anything that keeps catching our eye. Whether it be a new friendship, a romantic deepening, a career opportunity, a new place to live, or whether it is simply suggesting a new way of perceiving life, it is essential that we keep our awareness heightened so that we do not miss a trick.

“The two worst strategic mistakes to make are acting prematurely and letting an opportunity slip.” ~ Paulo Coelho

To ensure we are making the most of anything that is coming our way, we can tap straight into our intuition and really feel the sensations that arise when we think about whatever it is that is capturing our attention. Some of what is twinkling in the near distance may be remnants of a past experience and at first glance we may feel as though we are caught in a cycle about to repeat mistakes that we have previously made. This isn’t the case at all this week. We are just being given a second chance to review a few things from our past, either to learn a little more from it, to remind ourselves of how far we have travelled or simply to delve back in to see what it offers us the second time around. Only we will know what the meaning behind it is, and we will only fully know when our intuition is tuned in and we pay attention to what it is trying to tell us.

Fortunately, this week intuitive energy is gentle but very powerful, so we can make the most of this by seeing what is around us and feeling prepared and empowered to make choices that will hugely benefit our future, both creatively and in matters of the heart. In fact, creativity and love are skipping hand in hand this week and the relationship between them will be sweetly blossoming as the month goes along—so we may find that our creative ventures and our love life mix together to generate a rich and beautiful alchemical outcome.

It goes without saying that we should tap into and unearth our creative flair and whatever we involve ourselves in should be carried out with passion, confidence and dedication, without any thoughts of quitting if the going gets tough. The same can be said with our romantic interests and whether it is a relationship, or someone who has simply ignited a noticeable spark in us, we are in a period when anything that is fluttering around will seem to naturally turn to gold.

Open minds and open hearts are a must this week and we can freely float through the days without fear, without hesitation and without questioning whether we are worthy of whatever comes our way. Whether whatever is twinkling now is here for forever or whether it will very quickly burn and fade, the only thing that is important right now is being grateful for every experience we encounter, regardless of how it turns out down the road.

Some things are meant for us while others are meant to momentarily visit before leaving us to roam and explore other roads. In the bigger map of our lives, neither matters, as synchronicities and serendipities are two of our greatest teachers. Everything is exactly as it is meant to be, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time.

We are being given a glimpse into how our future could look if we don’t rush along, so that everything can happen in its own time, although, we should also know where the line is of not taking the chance on amazing possibilities as they pass alongside us. If we make decisions that reflect how we feel on the inside, we will receive an insight into what really, genuinely makes us feel happy and what fills our heart full to the brim.

This doesn’t mean that anything that takes place this week is a part of our future. It just means that we are being given many, “What if…” moments and as we flick through each one we can pause for a moment with a resounding, “Hell yesss,” or, “Hell nooo.” If we lovingly reach out to each one, everything will unfold exactly as it is meant to.

The most essential thing we should remember is to keep our hopeful, tender but brave warrior hearts wide open, without any expectations, and constantly beaming out radiant love and then, whatever is meant or not meant to remain with us will either magnetically repel or attract.

You are the architect. Now is time to plan to figure out what you want, and take advantage of this week of opportunity. It is the week to organize your personal deconstruction and then work out how to lovingly and creatively rebuild. And this time, your heart is the master—with no questions asked.

When you are listening very carefully to your intuition, it is your most dependable ally. Trust it.

“Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.” ~ Dinah M. Craik



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Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

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