May 27, 2016

How to Keep the Flame Alight & Become Each Other’s Minstrel of Love. {Adultish}

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“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.” ~ Anais Nin

Sometimes we forget in life what the most important things are, like love, touch, magic and electricity between two people.

We get lost in big cities, in small cubicles and under our pending “to do” lists and we miss out on this exact moment, the only one where we have the chance to actually feel alive. With so many distractions we misplace the very thing about each other that used to make our hearts spark and our eyes shine.

Maybe we don’t have to.

What if we just took a night, or a moment in this day, where we let all the other stuff go and came back to what brought us to be in a relationship in the first place—the magic of two souls colliding in time.

We need to allow space for this to happen, for our curiosity in our partners to reignite and for our own passion to be nurtured and to grow.

It doesn’t have to be a grand affair.

It could occur suddenly and out of the blue if we let it. Like today, this second, what if we just let ourselves get swept away, like we did at the first call of love. What if we allow our imagination to untether and for spontaneity to flow.

For we want our partners to always remain our romantic companions and not only our practical ones.

Here, let’s give it a go. I’ll share how I allow my sweet imagination to lead the way, and in case you’re wondering, it did produce some rewarding results!


I ask him:

 Just whisper in my ear, 

words to make my cheeks flush and my tummy flutter and my breath to stop right here.

In this one room coffee shop, on our lunch break,

reach down and hold my hand.

My fingers will be inside of yours and I’ll squeeze them with hope to show you that later I‘d like more of this,

of your body covering parts of mine.

I want to entwine like we used to,

and be your muse for the night.

To be robed in the precious sweetness of each other,

that brand of flesh that was meant to be touched, made raw, uncovered, and caressed.

Understand lover, our yearnings weren’t meant to be left alone. So let’s attend to them tonight with hot iron, and wildly, impatient hands.

We could slide into that place, the one between worlds, where we hover above earth, and almost touch heaven.

Allow these whispered phrases to make butterfly tummies, our minds go wild and our breath to wait on the moment when we get home.

Time travel with me dear, through an ecstatic wormhole and for just a moment shed the clothes of our day, the threads of our work, and the chores of our home.

Like the moment we met and that first feel of our skin touching and electricity.

Oh, let’s be minstrels of love and get lost in each other,

as we did when we didn’t know it would be years we would spend together.

And if our lips touch later, I want to make sure we produce new bright sparks.

So lean close, keep tickling my ear with soft syllables, in this cafe.

Remind us what it is to be youthful, spontaneous, passionate and strong.

Keep your white t-shirt, pressed next to my flushed cheek a little longer and later let’s remember how to make love staring into each other’s eyes,

We could make our four walls melt into one galaxy and you could count each freckle on my back, one by one, like you did way back when.

Let’s whisper, “Quit our jobs,” and for tonight work for only passion, silky sheets and fiery hearts,

simple magic and glorious, lustrous, setting suns.

So promise me,

when we get home, to put away the work, the worry, and the chores.

Tonight again, be my minstrel of love.


Sometimes rediscovering passion with our partners is as simple as remembering those things that originally lit us up and then practicing them with each other, even on the go.

Everyday schedules do become mundane but this moment is the one place where we can make the change to spice them up.

Often, it takes a little courage to reach out to the one we still adore, and say, “Hey, I am here. Can we play?” But, isn’t it worth it? Isn’t the desire for intimacy and passion one of the main reason we are alive?


Author: Sarah Norrad

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: aletuzzi / Pixabay 

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